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Cramps While Squatting


Hey ive been squatting now for a couple of sessions, getting up to 75kg and i feel i can get a lot higher however ive been getting really bad cramp in my legs particulary my right. Its around the back in the hamstring area. I feel its not the weights i mean im not struggling with them at all it doesnt feel like a big effort but the cramp just hits me so hard once i put the weight down and walk away. So much so that it plagues me on my next set. Im currently doing a pyramid routine, 10 8 6 4 but i cant make it back up to 8 because the cramp gets too bad. Ive been told that maybe i have a potassium defficiency? any help thanks.


your hammies shouldnt be cramping,squats are quad dominant.Ive had a foot cramp whilst doing squats but the only thing that might is your lower back/quads.maybe calves if you stand on plates.


Yea thats what i dont understand.. my legs are absolutely killing me today where i was getting the cramp. My quads are the strongest part of my body since ive been mountain biking every since i was 12. So i dont see why its happening at all


That makes me think it may be a muscle imbalance. Maybe you need more direct ham work. Check your stance - wider would emphasize the hams/glutes more. Some basic flexibility work couldn't hurt. And maybe consider a banana as part of your pre-workout meal.