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cramps in foot while squatting/deadlifting

I’ve added deads/squats into my routine recently, but I seem to get cramps in my foot when doing them. Am I the only one who gets this? why does it happen?

I’ve heard of this before… I think (and someone please correct me if I’m wrong) that it would most likely be due to tension or lack of flexibility in the tendons of the foot, alleviated by stretching. Of course it’s hard to tell when all we have to go by is “cramps in the foot”. Where are you cramping up? Arch? Instep?

I’m cramping up around the balls of my feet. When it happens I normally have to stop half way through my set, and tip toe on my toes or bend my toes back

Training cramps (different from non-traininig cramps) are typically caused by not enough osmotic pressure or pump to the muscle. Now that can mean a simple answer like increased circulation via a better warm-up or also mean that the cross sectional mass of that muscle is insufficient (weak & puny) Now because the foot has sooooo many muscles it’s very hard to isolate the cause best advice is to search for my functionally correct calf training program in t-mag last June.

-Don Alessi