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Cramps From......?


Yesterday, I started that whole, eat every 2-3 hours after workout. I've been having some trouble. For one, cramps. They're like moving up and down my whole lower body. It feels like sometimes they go in my balls. Its almost painful.

Am I running too much? Doing stiff leg deadlifts/clean and press too much? All my other lifting is upper. Or does pretty much every weightlifter experience this?


Go see a doctor.


I've never had the soreness (DOMs) travelling back and forth through muscles at rest, as you describe, but only when I move a muscle does it bite back (in a good way).

And I've never trained my legs so hard that my balls got sore. Were you squeezing your nuts between your thighs while squatting? Or maybe doing some kind of crazy nutsack isolation exercises? lift relax lift...


I second the go see a Dr. or where something with some support when you run! Haha balls flopping around will always hurt.


How long have you had these cramps? It sounds like they just started after you ate every two to three hours. If that's the case, stop eating every two to three hours. If the cramps go away, somethings wrong. Go see a doctor.

And cramps in your balls? I'd definitely go see a doctor. And start wearing an athletic supporter.


the cramps went away after I took a crap. But never before did cramps travel through my thighs and balls when I had to crap. Weird.