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I was one of those off and on lifters for the last couple of years; and it was more off than on. So of course, I made no gains and just wasted time.

Finally after finalizing a divorce, sale of a house and other related matters, I was able to focus on lifting. I am 6’2 and when I started, I was right around 150. Oh yea, not big, but of course very lean. That was in May. Now, I’m right about 180 and still as lean as could be. My eventual goal is a lean 220.

I just wanted to give you an idea of where I’m at. So here’s my problem. Ever since putting on this added muscle, I get very bad cramps. It happens only when the muscle is “compressed” if you will. For example, just the other day I was seated and bent over. My abs compressed together and the top right ab in the “six pack” tighened up so bad, it was painful. I also get this alot when I sleep at night. The muscles in my foot will tighen real bad if the foot itself is turned.

I think this is odd and I never had this before. I only stretch before lifting, but where I get these cramps you really can’t stretch.

Anyone else ever have this? Is it just something I’m missing from my diet?

Stretching before working out won’t help anything. Warming up is much more productive before lifting.

There’s a way to stretch everything.

Are you drinking enough water?

Potassium and sodium deficiencies can cause muscle cramps. Try eating bananas and ummm salt.