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Cramping when Doing Leg Curls

So after basically sitting on my ass for the last year and a half, I’ve started lifting again. Blah blah blah…
Anyways whenever I do a leg curl regardless of which machine or variation my hamstrings will start to cramp as soon as I get to a weight where I have to try. It won’t cramp on warm up or light sets but undoubtedly once I get past those warm ups it cramps. At my gym we have three different leg curl machines; one where you lie facing down parallel to the ground, one where you’re seated, and one where you’re kneeling facing forward doing one leg at a time. All three cause me to cramp. I guess that’s not true if I do partial reps I don’t cramp, but that’s if I only go like 1/3 of the way. I don’t know how much good a third of a rep is. I’ve also done SLDL for hamstring work but I feel like it’s a back exercise, maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Any suggestions, tips, ideas??

Lower the weight, higher reps, make sure the hammies are thoroughly warmed up, do some light back extensions are similar beforehand, also do some light stretching beforehand.

Increase your sodium intake. I am sure you aren’t getting enough in your diet.

No other muscle group cramps regardless of exercise type, just my hammys. Oh and this has been like this for a couple years.

You’re probably right about sodium, I never add salt to anything I cook. And it’s been this way for probably a decade. But I do drink gatorades pretty regularly.

I have retarded hammies as well. I got my first bad hammy pull (black amd blue leg) running the goddamn 2 mile in high school. This is typically something that happens to sprinters. Pulled my other hammy bout a year ago doing just that, after what I thought was thorough stretching/warmup. Before that last hammy pull I had the same issues that you had, and to top it off, I had my hamstrings cramp on fucking PR attempts at Bench Press (at least I think I get good leg drive on bench haha)

This is where I decided to do some more research. There’s a ton of info on stretching and warming up around, a lot of it conflicting, but one thing that I’ve really found to help, is to static stretch the QUADS in between anything activating hamstrings. Also when I isolate my hamstrings (leg curls) it’s very low weight, very high reps. Seems to be helping some.