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Cramping on Andro & Norandro

I am currently using an Andro spray at the maximum dosage (12 sprays twice a day). I play guitar in a hardcore band, and lately about halfway through my set My hands have been cramping up real bad - to the point where I can’t even hold a pick? Does anyone know why this is happening and if so, what I can do to prevent these damn cramps!
Also, I have been eating a bannana, a bottle of gatoraid, and a protein bar before I play live. It reduces the cramping a little, but not enough. Please help if you know what to do.

  1. Drink more water. Take in at least a gallon before you go onstage.

  2. Eat more bananas. Three or four would be better than just one.

  3. Stop using that cheap-ass andro spray and get some decent supps from Biotest.

Good luck.

I used to cramp like a bastard in the pool playing polo or like yourself play guitar (after dealifts etc).
Found magnesium was the only thing that worked for me. ZMA all the way baby.
Got any sounds on the net we can listen to?