cramping calves

Hey Everyone,

My dad is sixty, and though he doesnt lift, he likes to run, usually five or so miles at a time. The other day his calves cramped up so bad he said he could just lay there and almost passed out. He doesnt stretch at all, so i told him to start stretching his calves, and lower body in generally.

I was wondering if anyone else might have some other suggestions. Hopefully stretching will get rid of the cramping.


It could be from insufficient water consumption. Make sure he’s drinking enough water.

It could also be a warning sign for diabetes and Parkinsons disease. If he’s been checked recently for these then there should be no worry.

Stretching them a few times during the day might curb the occurances.

I agree with PGA - cramping is usually a sign of early dehydration. Tell him to drink more water.

Potassium is also said to reduce cramping, I remember it was recommended to eat a banana the morning before an athletic event…

Check his diet for sure. If he is lacking potassium as well as zinc and other vit. and minerals. Then also the dehydration is a big factor also.

Right Side, I have never had my calves cramp up during a basketball game. The other night I had a league double header and had to play both games without a sub (I was the pnly one who didn’t sub in an out). Well I made it to the 2nd game with 5 minutes left then I made one move to the basket and BOOM double calve cramps. I drank what I thought was sufficient water and gatorade but obviously it wasnt even close. They cramped so easily after that point I could barely setp on the clutch of my car to drive home. So check your fathers water intake. It could be as simple as that.

I get cramping in my calves when I get dehydrated but also when I cut back on carbs too.

Hopefully its just dehydration, however do get a check for diabetes as well.

Check with the doctor make sure he knows about. It could be a numerous amounts of things at that age. Anything from dehydration to diabetes to bad circulation.

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Take two or three of the 5 cent miricale pills, magnesium. Cheap and fast and your dad will know in a day if it’s low magnesium. I’ll bet ya a cup of coffee at the Snazzy Pig Cafe it works !

First off, I am not even 30 years old yet, and even if I drink a gallon, sometimes more, of water through out the day (almost everyday and only drink water and protein shakes, no pop) and take an animal pak (one in the morning and break the tabs in half) to get enough vitamins and minerals, I still will sometimes get cramps in my calves after training calves and believe it or not in my forearms especially on arm day and also occasionally on back day, so if anyone has any ideas please post what else I could do!!