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Cramping After Pull-ups


hey guys...i've long had a rhomboid tightness in my back (right side), but it doesn't usually do much other than feel a little sore at times.

yesterday, i was doing pullups, and when i lowered my arms after a set of ten, a cramp started at the rhomboid, went thru my chest to my sternum, and caused my right pec, shoulder, and trap to start cramping...no loss in functional strength...only pain at the conclusion of set... i foam rolled after, but im still sore today front and back from sternum to trap...any ideas?


Well, if you constantly having a soreness or even pain in the rhomboid (especially if itis only one side) it is safe to say that it is getting to much work. That does not mean that you are giving it too much direct work, but maybe indirect/passively because your posture is bad. maybe you raise your head to high or your torso tends to hang to one side, maybe your discs are sliduing, the list goes on and on, and the rhomboid tries to balance it out.

Let a good chiropractor or physisit who is working with athletes check your posture, it usually is enough to see them one or two times and listen to them how you can improve. That maybe is more expensive then a pack of painkillers and a thermogenic balm but will really help you in the long run.