Cramp or something more?

I will try and keep the story short.

During W/O on Saturday I got one hell of a cramp in my lower back on the left side during my last set of GM’s. I guess about where your kidneys are located.

I was able to complete my W/O and upper body W/o on sunday. While it did effect some it was nothing unbearable, and monday and tuesday are the days I take off from trianing.

On days off I rubbed it, soaked it, icy hot and what not. Then this morning. It was barely noticeable so I went ahead with my work out. I started off slow to make sure all was ok. I was able to complete my ATG squats with no discomfort during the actual lifting, but during the rest period I could fell the same spot acting up. Finished the six sets and was able to actually move up in weight. I then was proceeding to stiff legged deads. This I was very cautious with, I only put on about 25% of my usual load. Nope, wasn’t going to happen, I dont think I could have lifted the bar. I decided to just finish with some leg curls and ab work. Went ok, not comfortable by any means.

Well then after shower and pwo drink I was damned if I could barely walk. No releif through the day as of yet. I ended up taking some hydrocodone just so I was able to walk. Depending on which way I move it has the ability to bring me to my knees.

So what I need to know is if this is just one hell of a cramp like it feels, or possibly a piched nerve or something. I have never had anything last this amount of time.I have had cramps but never a pinched nerve or anything. So any remedy or recomendation would be great. If I dont get some type of releif by early afternoon tom. I am going to the Doc.

Help a T-man forced to his knees, it must have been a site to see when I went to my knees in the gas station just from reaching in my pocket to get some cash.

Sounds like a bulged disc. I have had the EXACT same symptoms. The only thing to fix it was a chiro who did ART. Get there right away.

PS: Stretching the hamstring while laying on your back will probably give you some relief for the moment.
Take care, man


thx for the advice. I was just able to gimp my way to the computer and I have too do something today.

Anytime man. Hope it gets better!


i have the same problem now and then. i havent been to a doc so i couldnt tell you exactly what it is. il tell you this though it hurts like a mutha temporarily, to the point where i can hardly walk. the best thing i ever did was to split up legs to a quad and hip dpminant day, spaced a good 3-4 days apart.

if yuo do start to experience pain lay on your back with feet elevated, hang from a chin bar, or try some crunches. all of those will help. another thing you can do is go do some seated calve work for a few sets and that usually allows you enough time for the pain to subside.


Steele knows of what he speaks, his advice pulled the thorn outta this lions paw when I had trashed my back a while back.

We were a sight to see for sure…me lying on my back in the middle of his supplement shop (Editors note: Popeye’s on Macleod Trail in Calgary, the service can’t be beat and they sell BIOTEST too!), Luuuuuuuuke stretching my hammie for me. The incoming customers sure looked at us funny, although I suppose the two big lugs and the massage oil looked a little out of place.

But did you really need the chaps Luke?

I mean, really.

“People will buy anything that is 'one to a customer”

~ Sinclair Lewis

Thx for all the advice all. I am actually able to walk ok today but the whole left side of my lower back is still tight. The muscles are just knotted up to beat hell.

I wasnt able to go to a chiro today due to the fact I had to get ready for a trip to NYC in the morn. So I am going to take the next two days off while out of town and reevaluate on sunday and I think I should probably go to a chiro on Monday. I hate not being able to deads, gm’s, squats, and having the negative effect on pretty much all lifts. It is amazing what all is connected to your damn back.

Thanks again, Phil

Wouldn’t there be shooting pains down the leg from a bulging disk? From the location, kidney area, it sounds more like a muscle tear. Either way, get thee to a physical therapist.