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cramming meals?

okay well this is my qoute “dilemma” due to both the fact that I sleep in ,and go to bed early I often find myself cramming meals to make sure I get my daily calories in. This happens with the last two meals of the day both of which are p-f meals being seperated by only an hour before I hit the sack. My question here is; is my body able to utulize all of this properly. I have not noticed any fat gain from this, but I am more concerned if this is a good thing for my metabolism and well basically my body. thanks any help is appreciated.

start meals earlier?

space them 2.5 instead of 3 hrs apart?

what does your typical meal intake look like when this happens?

I read an article a long time ago about this same question. It stated that your body is used to burning a certain amount of calories a day and if you consume those later in the day than you normaly would. Your body knows what to do with the calories even though they are consumed later. Thus you don’t gain any extra fat. I don’t know the actual science behind this, but I know I eat a lot of meals at around 10:00 PM and I haven’t gained any extra fat. I find that I am usally hungrier in the morning after eating late. These are just my observations on myself, but I believe the article I read years ago was true.

I seem to do that too! I have no clue whether or not the nutrients are fully utilized, but how I get around it is this…if I only managed to squeeze in 5 meals that day, I either stay up till 2:00am to consume another (while looking like a zombie), or I wake up earlier the next day to cram in 7 meals that day. Believe me, when I only manage to consume 5 meals p/day instead of 6, the psychological effects are detrimental. I also want to hear other responses regarding this. Anywayz, apparently, it takes 2.5hrs to digest your last meal, so you know…watever

well I am a creature of habit, and that might be where the problem lies. My meal set up goes like this
9:30 wake up have breakfast p-c
11:00 train
1:00 consume post workout drink p-c
2:00 post workout whole food meal @ work p-c
4:30 or 5:00 p-f meal ( allow time for carbs to clear, also time up meal with the one I cook for the kids I work with)
7:30 or 8:00 p-f meal
9:15 @ home p-f meal, while in bed
I guess basically by the way that my schedule is I am usually cramming only the last meal, except for when things go wrong at the group home I work at and I have to eat like three meals in three hours. Like I said, there has been no noticeable fat gain from this, I am just wondering if I am getting all of the nutrients I need. staying up later is an option, but with my workout routine and work I function best getting right to bed when I get home.
damn I just looked at the hours I sleep, I am getting close to 11:00 a night, counting the 4 times a night I wake up to pee, is that too much?

Here’s an idea…before you go to bed, make yourself a shake with some oil or something in it, but don’t drink it. When you wake up in the middle of the night…pound it and roll over and go back to sleep. Works for me. If you have to, set your alarm. You’re up fopr maybe 5 minutes and its not a big deal…


mani, that is not a bad idea, and it would be easy as cake for me, since I piss about five times a night, but one wrench there is I wont go to sleep if I havent eaten, bottom line. I would like to thank all of you for your advice, but really I probably wont change my ways, cause basically it is what keeps me sane, and going for so long, but really guys thanks for the help. I guess I was just wondering if I was ensuring that I was getting all of the nutrients from cramming meals.