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Craig Titus vs WWE

I don’t know if this has been posted, but word going around wrestling is that Craig Titus, who’s known to start fights and has had more than one exchange with UFC fighter Phil Baroni who also lives in Vegas, got into a rucks with some WWE guys.

The story:

"When WWE comes to Vegas, they always work out at the local Gold’s Gym. When Smackdown was in town last, Booker T, Chavo Sr. and Orlando Jordan came in together to work out. About 25 minutes into their workout, a professional bodybuilder named Craig Titus got into a argument with Booker T about Booker not putting away his weights after he was done with them.
Orlando Jordan and Chavo Sr. were in between the two monsters (Also, Booker T inot a “Monster.” He’s about 6’0, 230) while they were screaming at one another when Craig Titus lunged over Jordan and Chavo Sr. and caught Booker with a weak punch. That?s when Orlando Jordan turned around a threw a right hook at Craig Titus and dropped him to the floor. Chavo Sr. then grabbed Jordan in a bear hug and was yelling at Booker T to get his stuff and that they should all get out of there. Booker, Chavo Sr. and Jordan left in a hurry out the door. Craig Titus was not hurt, just his ego. "

THe ironic thing is Chavo Guerrero Sr, the older brother of Eddie Guerrero, is not the smartest guy in the world, considering he tried to start sh#t with Andre back in the day.

He has a rep for being antagonistic and hard to deal with, and in fact only lasted a few months with the WWE.

If you follow the news about Craig Titus, he’s always getting into fights and arguments with people, but claims it is never his fault. Hmm- what’s the common denominator Craig?


Booker T is actually 6 feet 3 a good 250 pounds,ive met the man in real life,im 6-4 240 and he was just as tall as me and way bigger.Good to see orlando drop titus as orlando has a histiry in amatour boxing and is 6-4 around 240,not the kind of person u want hitting u :slight_smile: .Sounds like titus is just a trouble maker,he might not be i dont know him from a bar of soap but why he decided to go and pick a fight with the biggest black guy in the gym puzzles me?
Then again booker could have started it.So who really cares?

Ummm, yeah, Booker-T is a pretty big boy. If the story writer got that wrong, who knows the validity of the whole story.

PGA, I threw in the comments about Booker T and Chavo Sr.

HHH, if you’ve met him up front, face 2 face, I’ll believe you, but from what I can see he’s not 6’3 in the least.

His brother Stevie Ray, on the other hand, is definitely a big guy, and I miss him being on my TV as I always found him entertaining.