Craig Golias 6'3", 350 lbs Ripped

I just ran across a video of this guy. HOLY SHIT! He says he just wants to be huge. I think he’s there.

His food and gear expenses must be crazy.


He is a big dude, big frame with a small head which makes him look even bigger. That being said he has been accused of photoshopping his pic’s to accentuate his development. Still a massive dude, with insane shoulder width, by anyone’s account.

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Greg Kovacs and Trevor Smith said the same thing.

Zero doubt when comparing his videos to his pics. Right up there with the Castleberry dude who piles fake weights on the bar.


I see he is associated with strength wars. I hope he competes.

I can’t tell. He is freaking big no matter what. I’ve watched several of his videos since seeing the first one. He doesn’t seem to plan on quitting (reducing) anytime soon.

Remember when Rich Pianna wasn’t planning on quitting anytime soon?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.


True. This guy is likely to go out the same way

Pretty sure we all know how this ends by now.


The same way it ends for everyone else.

Just faster.

And with more pallbearers.


I’m kinda glad my friends are all relatively normal sized.

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How does he make his selfies look like this?

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While not as lean as this guy, Bob Sapp is still the most hilariously jacked person I have ever seen @ 6’4 375lbs

Sapp piledriving and nearly killing the second best MMA fighter on earth at the time using nothing but brute strength is still the craziest moment in sports history for me.


With that head/body proportion in the pic it looks like he should have a squeaky helium voice.

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Just wait until you see Brian Shaw or Hafthor Bjornsson in person. Both look like a different species, Brian Shaw in particular looks exactly like you’d expect an ogre to look like.

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This photo of Brian Shaw shaking hands with Phil Heath resembles the exact moment that an alien realizes that they totally overshot the specs on their human suit.


There’s a skinny filter maybe there is a SWOLE filter on insta LOL

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I preferred Mirko breaking his orbital bone and watching him sit down to have a good cry


Savage… superburn… awesome…

But yea, the retarded, reckless abuse of AAS was ridiculous amongst Greg kovacs specifically (as in… he took it too far, used even more than some in his situation needed to)… from what I recall, don’t remember the name, but there was a bodybuilding coach who QUIT coaching… he coached Greg kovacs and many prior to him but was so disgusted by he extent of Greg Kovacs abuse he quit… perhaps I’m getting mixed up here though

Certain horror stories exist of varying credibility of Greg Kovacs being unable to wipe his own ass, wiping with towels in a hotel room… can’t imagine something so disgusting being true but… there’s been worse I suppose… supposedly he was also
out of breath ALL the time (I mean… he was like… 400+lbs in the off season)

That being said he did frequently adknowledge he was toying with his own mortality… I respected him for his honesty, however the way he’d lay out his cycles meticulously and say “if you do this… which I don’t reccomend, youll gain 30lbs in 30 days”… I thought that was a bit fucked, he had many young followers who will undoubtedly end up following said absurd cycle plans to get “swole”… or “hyooge” for the “chikz”

Furthermore, given his predispensity to snorting stimulant laden preworkout powder and the account of him as he fell unconscious “eyes rolled in the back of his head, started breathing shallow, incoherent speech, losing consciousness” etc… I’m not one to judge or make speculations, but is it possible he had a drug problem… whilst it’s very likely his issue was lethal arrhythmia induced by electrical conduction abnormality stemming from severe cardiomegaly… is it possible he had a drug problem? Perhaps opiates (eyes rolling in the back of his head, shallow breathing etc)… sounds like he was nodding off, but overdosed… I apologise if this comes across as disrespecting the dead, that is not my intention at all… it’s just a theory I have

Wouldn’t be the first time a bodybuilder has died of an opiate overdose… however this rumour has been discredited by his gf… why would she lie? Other than to preserve public image?

I’m actually very surprised guys like Brian Shaw aren’t dead yet… aside from heavy… heavy use of gear… probably year round… being THAT size puts massive strain on the heart + id imagine BP at rest for them isn’t great either


I re-watched that last night after I read this thread. That was memorable.

Scott Abel. @The_Mighty_Stu