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Hey all,
I was wondering if there are any H.P. Lovecraft fans out there.


Well, it's about time the most powerful God from the ancient world looked into his minions! All hail the mighty Cthulhu.

Lovecraft was genious. I've read the first two compilation books of his and am working through the third and final. His imagery is vivid and allusions are creepy even by todays standards. There are very few storytellers of his calibur.

Yes, I am a fan. I knew you were.


Cthulhu For President!!

Why vote for the lesser evil!!



I love HP Lovecraft ... and almost all gothic literature, honestly :-x


Oh yeah, that's why I've always liked your screen name. One of my favorite movies is John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness, which is loosely based on Lovecraft's writings. Hold on a second-- I'm hearing those damn rats in the wall again...


Haven't read any yet. Where should I start?


Cthulhu Fhtagn


They have a movie about that book?Wow! I must look into it.I have a goal.I'm going to film school right now and when I finish I'm gonna get into making some really cool movies,maybe one or two to start out with,you know,get my name in the door.I'm then gonna make a movie of "shadow over innsmouth" and it's gonna tie in with "call of cthulhu".It'll be one of the best movies ever.You guys think thats a pretty good idea?


It would be funny to start a religion about cthulhu,lol.Piss off all the other religions.


Brilliant stuff. His horror works are fantastic, and his dream-world stories are even better. I wanted to grow up to be Randolph Carter.

Once seen posted on a New Haven, CT bookstore wall (near Yale): "Campus Crusaders for Cthulhu"


I heard about campus crusaders for cthulhu...interesting stuff.Yeah,I just think it would be awesome to make a movie about Randolph carter.I've always wanted to do that because I loved the books so much.Hail cthulhu!!


the library?


Sorry, the answer we were looking for was "Page 1."


I do.

The Outsider is probably my favourite. Fantastic ending.


"The Thing in the Moonlight" is short and incredibly chilling.

There's a graveside service held every year, 1st weekend in April I believe, in Providence RI for the man. The man who has organized it for several years is Carl Johnson, not only a long-time friend of mine, but also "Carl, The Demonologist" from the SciFi show "Ghost Hunters."


That is really interesting.Have you ever gone to one of these graveside services?