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Cracking Joints With Squats

I have a question about my elbow and knee joints. Both of them have a louding cracking sound when I do squats and pushups. I was wondering why this was the case and is it dangerous and also if there is a way to get rid of it. Thx

You’ve have obviously suffered a severe decompression injury? Do you fly a great deal of scuba dive?

Seriously, my legs crack like a bowl of rice krispies. My dr. and chiropractor say it’s not a big deal. I just can’t sneak up on anybody.

No I don’t fly that much and I don’t scuba dive. I used to think that it was because I drank so much milk that my bones ust got really really hard. I know they are strong because I have yet to break a single one of them.

make sure you get a good warmup in that involves lots of knee flexation.

Do some BW squats as a warm up or gof ro a run but bring your knees up to your chest with each step.


I’ve heard that it is just air being released from the joint and it does no harm. I crackle and pop for about 3-4 sets usually.

Yea my bones crack loud too in my shoulders, knees and elbows. I drink a crap load of milk and I too have not broken a single bone in my body.