Cracking jJoints

Ok this is probably the 10000th time someone asks about it but as I’m a former skinny long limbed mofo with really slim wrists ankles and weak bones overall (broke my wrists 3 times when I was 15-17) I had to ask it here…

I do NOT feel any pain when lifting, just overall shoulder tightness, and I didn’t have any cracking joints before I started lifting 2 years ago. Went from 6"3 150lb to 185lb with lower BF%.

Now that the weights are kinda serious (250lb bench, 310lb squat, 360 deadlift) it just won’t stop cracking more and more around the shoulders mainly, knees, ankles sometimes.
I don’t really know what causes this as it seems to go better when I plain stop training, but comes back if I do presses, or dips, or chinups, squats…

Current program is 25 Deadlift+ 50 weighted dips in the morning, 50 squats + 50 weighted pullups in the evening, 1 hour (half an hour each) every day. Pretty good results as I had plateaued a lot last 6 months (hardgainer much : read thibaudeau’s advice that frequency matters more than volume and it has changed everything)

Have dropped bench presses, OH presses, bent-over rows as they seem to hurt much and lead to overtraining, plus I have huge front deltoids compared to the other shoulder muscles (I believe I’m not made for bench press being naturally too slim)
I still have a pretty good mobility as I can do single-legged full squats without a problem, or grab my hands behind my back (one hand above shoulder, the other below), or other mobility exercises

any supplements I should try ? an overall diet plan ?
I eat a lot of vegetables, fish, omegas 3 already. Cut down a lot of alcohol, gluten, junk food overall.
Any book or something that would be a good read ? maybe some program advises ?
Should I go see a doc for this?

thanks a lot