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Cracking Clavicle Attachments

Hi everyone.

During military press I feel a crackling feeling during the negative movement. it doesn’t hurt but is a very uncomfortable feeling.

I think it’s an attachment to my clavicle. The feeling’s above my chest.
I’ve circled it on the image below

With dumbell press i don’t feel it.

Who knows what it might be?

How you considered clavicle lengthening surgery?


It’s a joke on here. Sorry. Times are stressful.

My left shoulder crunches quite a bit. Warming up the rings seems to help mine, other than that, I am of no real help.

Haha lol.:stuck_out_tongue: i alway warm up. It’s weird i got it on the left and right side.

thank you anyways!

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Just to make sure we’re all on the same page: This is with a free Olympic-size bar, and it’s being done in front of, not behind the neck, correct?

Is it a single sharp snap like if you pop a knuckle? (The word crackling implies it isn’t.) Can you actually hear it, or is it just a feeling?

I for one don’t understand the difference between something ‘hurting’ and it being ‘very uncomfortable.’ Can you elaborate?