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Cracking Clavicle Attachments

Hi everyone.

During military press I feel a crackling feeling during the negative movement. it doesn’t hurt but is a very uncomfortable feeling.

I think it’s an attachment to my clavicle. The feeling’s above my chest.
I’ve circled it on the image below

With dumbell press i don’t feel it.

Who knows what it might be?

How you considered clavicle lengthening surgery?


It’s a joke on here. Sorry. Times are stressful.

My left shoulder crunches quite a bit. Warming up the rings seems to help mine, other than that, I am of no real help.

Haha lol.:stuck_out_tongue: i alway warm up. It’s weird i got it on the left and right side.

thank you anyways!

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Just to make sure we’re all on the same page: This is with a free Olympic-size bar, and it’s being done in front of, not behind the neck, correct?

Is it a single sharp snap like if you pop a knuckle? (The word crackling implies it isn’t.) Can you actually hear it, or is it just a feeling?

I for one don’t understand the difference between something ‘hurting’ and it being ‘very uncomfortable.’ Can you elaborate?

Yes it is.

it feels like things are sliding over each other

I mean, it’s just an irritating feeling. Can’t really explain it.

If I take the bar a little less wide and then really push my elbows inwards, it’s a lot less.

I think that’s where the mistake was.

OK, see if you think this fits:

I had what you describe for years. To answer you’re question directly… I don’t know what is is. BUT, here are two things I did that made it stop for me.

  1. I do 15 shoulder dislocates with my bath towel every night after my shower. I make sure to keep my scapula down and back throughout the entire movement and move slowly and carefully.
  2. I dropped the standing overhead press from my routine and switched to the seated overhead press at 75 degree incline, with hands shoulder width apart, and making sure my elbows track out in front of me as I press rather than out to the side.

These two things made what you describe stop for me.

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