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Crackers - good source for carbs?

Hey, just wondering if unsalted crackers would be a good source for carbs for a snack? I’m trying to increase my carbs a lot since I’m on day 1 of MAG-10 cycle. How about whole wheat bread slices? Stupid questions, sorry. Right now I’m only at about 250g protein and 240g’s of carbs. Good enough or no(It’s almost double what I usually take in)?

Hard to say without knowing your stats and body composition goals. Read The Diet Manifesto (www.testosterone.net/html/136diet.html)and Massive Eating parts 1 (www.testosterone.net/html/body_146mass.html) and 2 (even more informative than part 1, find it) and Fods That Make You Look Good Nekid (www.testosterone.net/articles/172food.html). As a general rule, highly processed carb sources, such as saltine crackers, are the equivalent of pure sugar due to their glycemic index and rapid absorption into your blood stream. Stick to low GI, high fider carb sources such as oatmeal, veggies, tubers, and some fruits. Massive Eating 1 & 2 will enable you to calculate your calorie needs and the other articles will help you to determine the best foods. Good luck.

Bad choice. Try veggies, oatmeal, dark pasta, sweet potatoes etc. Read the “foods that make you look good naked” article at T-mag.