Cracker recommendations?

In Doc Lowry’s excellent article “December Diet Strategies” he recommends having some high-fibre crackers along with some mixed nuts and apples on hand for when you’re trying to resist McD’s…

Any recommendations for worthy crackers?

I haven’t bought any in a LONG time, but they could help satisfy what McD’s can’t…

thanks in advance!

RY-Krisp crakers. They make several types obut i prefer the fat free kind

Swedish rye crackers are good. They’re made without added fat, are chock full of fiber and go with anything. They are a mainstay of my regular food plan.

Whatever choice you make, read the label. Most commercial brands of crackers are made with hydrogenated vegetable oil.


Triscuit crackers are great. They are not made with flour and have no hydrogenated oil.

Rice Thins are another good cracker also made without flour and have no hydrogenated oil. Their primary ingredient is rice meal and they are very low in fat.

Both crackers taste good and fit into L-train’s recommendation.

Cassanova: Isn’t Rice Meal considered a high GI food though?

Thanks for the responses! I’ll have to check them out next time I go shopping.

I was just munching some Triscuit Deli-style Rye crackers, so I looked at the package. Seven crackers have 5g fat, 22g carbs and 4g fiber.

Ingredients: whole wheat, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, rye, caraway seed, salt.

Don’t know if it’s just this flavor that has the partially hydrogenated oil, this is the only box I have handy.


It’s not just the flavored. All Triscuits have hydrogentaed oils.