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Crab alternative meat

Hey guys, still following the T-dawg diet so I was wondering if there is any difference in carb content between real crab and imitation crab. I purchased something called fresh chiunk style imitation crab meat. In my book(The nutritbase nutrition facts desk refernce/an awesome book btw)there is lsiting for real crab meat and something called Alternative. Alternative has about 3 g of carbs an oz, whereas regualr crab meat has none. The stuff I bought was not the canned stuff, it was frozen. Any insight on which type of crab this might be. Thanks

My roomate bought some crab meat imitation stuff a while back, and i remember looking at it to see if it was a good source of food, cause i reall like crab meat just not the price…but it was terrible, i forget exactly what went in it but, I remember soy, and some kind of potato stuff, but its bad shit. could of been just the brand though.

Its actually whitefish or pollack with red food coloring to make it look like crab. They also ad high fructose corn syrup which is where the carbs come from. IMO it is really nasty stuff. By the way, that is usually what they put in california rolls which is why I dont eat those.

You are talking about “Krab” or “surimi”. Its made from highly processed fish paste which is usually pollock. Its usually white and bright orange. Sometimes they mix in a little crab to give it some flavor. It is higher in sodium, and has fewer vitamins and minerals than the real thing.

thanks guys, back to the grocery store it goes then. that shit sounds disgusting.
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