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CPT training

Hey, I read in one of the postings earlier today about a protocol called “CPT” from Charles Staley… Anyone have any idea where I can find some info on this? Also, how about an article called “Winnning The Arms Race” by Poliquin? I can’t seem to find anything…Thanks for your help.

Winning the Arms Race is a book, not an article. From now on, you might want to precede all your posts with, “I am a newbie.”

Convergence Phase Training

CPT = Convergent Phase Training. Check it out in issue 141. Also, T-mag has a great search engine that you can use to find your way way through the site and look up various topics.

CPT stands for Convergent Phase Training, do a search on t-mag for it, the program is on there.

my bad convergent…
That link is right though.

Shit, is it that obvious that I’m new to this site??? I guess I gotta get use to it… Sorry about the dumb questions, and thanks a ton for your help…much appreciated.