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CPT Study Materials/Exam


I'm still pretty new to this site, and I'm basically reasking a question I posted elsewhere.

I am looking into the CPT cert. from the NSCA. They offer a variety of study materials and I'm curious as to which would most adequately prepare me for the exam. There is the "Essentials of Personal Training" textbook and the CPT study package.

I've been training for about 10 years and have a very good knowledge of both the weightroom (exercises, techniques, etc.) and the body (biology, nutrition, etc.). How long do you think it would take to prepare for the exam? A person from the NSCA told me that I should expect about 4-6 months of study time.
Also, I have a degree in literature, which means I'm very good at self-study and memorization. Would that help with the preparation of the exam?


at least 6 mos.
"essentials..." is the text for that exam and you will need to have a firm grasp of all the material covered. I recomend reading it no less than twice, unless your a sports medicine doctor or a cscs. good luck, you are setting yourself apart by joining the NSCA


Thanks for the info. I can handle six months...at least that will give me enough time to make the money back that I'm going to spend on the materials/test.

My trainer is certified through the AFAA, and he has been insisting that I get my certification through them as he is "not familiar" with the NSCA and that the AFAA has been around such a long time. Any thoughts?




AFAA is a joke, in my opinion. If your trainer is "not familiar" with the NSCA then something is seriously wrong with that picture. The NSCA and ACSM set the bar when it comes to personal training.


Right on, thanks.


CK is right on. the fact that your trainer is certified through AFAA and hasn't heard of the NSCA does not suprise me. As a matter of fact the IHRSA released a memo this year to all its members recomending that they only hire trainers certified through NSCA,ACSM,ACE,and NCSM. These are the only four nationally accredited organizations out there. The NSCA was the first to recieve accredidation, and one thing I count on is I know it will always lead, if not dictate what the industry does. When you certify with NSCA you will never be turned down for a position because of your certification. You will never need to get another certification.

I had a guy call me to ask me questions about the new form of the CSCS exam. He had a BS in PE and a masters in sports administration and was turned down for a strength coach position at a universty because he didn't have his CSCS. He Felt the cert was more beneficial than his Masters.

ALso I forgot to tell you be sure to get the practice exam and exercise techniques dvd, you will need them.


Thank you very much for all the advice. What I was planning on doing is registering for the CPT examination here in Chicago on October 8th and, hopefully, aquiring the study materials around the end of June/July. In the meantime, I'm gonna work on getting rid of my pesky lovehandles...