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CP's tip of the week!

How to control blood sugar levels with lemon juice!

Compelling evidence suggests that adding a little lemon juice (red wine or
vinegar can work as well) to your side order of salad can significantly reduce
the blood sugar spike caused by your main course meal!

Studies show that as little as 4 teaspoons of lemon juice in a salad taken with
an average meal (ex. chicken and rice) lowered blood sugar levels by as
much as 30 percent! The effects appear to be related to the acidity because
other organic acids (such as lactic acid) also have a blood sugar lowering
effect. For years now we have known that acidity in food can dramatically alter
the natural rate of stomach emptying, resulting in a slower delivery of food to
the small intestine. Digestion of the carbohydrate in the food is therefore
slowed and the final result is that blood sugar levels are significantly lower.

So the next time you are eating out or sitting down with your family for a nice
supper, add a side order of salad with lemon juice sprinkled on top!

That is interesting. Does vinegar have the same, or a similar effect since it is so highly acidic?

“(red wine or
vinegar can work as well)”

that has been discussed before, but i dont think ive ever seen the lemon juice mentioned.

maybe thats why you always see the fat ladies eating a big mac with a lemon in their water?

Haha, good one man!

I don’t know about the blunted insulin response but I find my lemon water to clear out any excess water in my system. It seems to have a bit of a diuretic effect.