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CP's Super-Accumulation Program 2010

Hello T-Nation,

My question is in regards to Charles Poliquin’s Super-Accumulation Program found here:

Let me know if you’ve tested this program and I am very curious to see some results with anyone who has done it recently. I cannot try it out at the moment and will do so soon.

Obviously since the article was published we have had articles such as “The Perfect Rep” as well as “Anaconda Protocols”. It would be great to see results using these both if anyone has done it.

Do the program to the T. Do not try subbing any exercises in place of what’s in the program. I have done it twice in the past and it is great for overtraining! If you do it right, 1/2-3/4 way through, your mental strength will really be tested in terms of finishing the program. It is brutal…but if your a hardass and a truely dedicated lifter who doesn’t complaint about the callases on his hands and can’t handle being an emotional wreck from training so hard every so often then don’t waste your time.

Re the Anaconda protocol, this may certainly be worthwhile trying out along with the program. If you find the protocol allows good recovery and you and not struggling through the workouts, then add more…you should be getting weaker, depending on your fibre makeup.


What kind of job can allow you to do this program?

One that allows you to train twice a day and is not to labour intensive.


I was thinking Student during summer vacation :stuck_out_tongue: