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CPF Amateur Provincials Meet Write-Up


Ok guys, so here's a little rundown of what happened, and some fuzzy thoughts about the day. I lifted in the Junior 140kg (308lbs) class at a bodyweight of 127.7kg (281.5lbs). Had it not been the end of semester, I would have cut, but screw it.

There was only one monolift at the meet, so I warmed up to 405 in the back room, walked out in briefs (never want to do THAT again :P) then suited up on the platform, and finished with a 330kg squat to get ready.

1st Attempt: 390kg - Turned down 2-1 on depth. I rushed it, and to be honest, probably should have paid a bit more attention. I figured it was a foregone conclusion and it cost me.
2nd Attempt: 390kg - 2 Whites, 1 Red. It passed, it wasn't pretty but it passed.
3rd Attempt: 410kg - Turned down 2-1. I was an inch or so high, and the judges made the right call. Had I let it settle, I would have had it. That being said, I'm glad the judges didn't give it as a gift.

Wasn't sure how this'd go, since I've been in that shirt twice ever, and been woefully inconsistant the last few months.

1st Attempt: 227.5kg - 3 Whites. Easy enough
2nd Attempt: 250kg - Collar slid up, took forever to touch since I was off balance and went nowhere fast.
3rd Attempt: 251kg - 3 whites. Pulled the collar down, actually got it to stay and smoked it.

1st Attempt: 250kg - 3 Whites. Gave me a Total PR
2nd Attempt: 275kg - 3 Whites. Best I've ever hit in a meet
3rd Attempt: 286kg - 3 Whites. Easiest pull of the day, a big pr, and a lot left on the platform.

Totaled 927kg, but since its rounded down to the nearest 2.5, it officially was 925kg.

The Good:
41kg Total PR
Tied or Broke all 4 CPF Amateur Jr. National Records
2nd Elite total
First 2000+lbs total
First "Best Lifter"
My deadlift has really taken off. I was probably good for something north of 295. At nationals, I think I'll need to take a shot at a long time goal of 302.5kg (666lbs)

The Bad
Need to work depth more on the squat
Need more time in the bench shirt
Need to gameplan a bit better and not leave weight on the platform.

Muchos thanks to Clint, Tom, Jeff, Clark, Matt & the Whole ANVIL POWER crew


It sounds like you had an awesome day. Clint seems to come through for everyone.

Are you still riding a high? When was the meet? We've been so wrapped up in preparing for nationals, that date escaped me.


glad to see your deadlift coming up


Meet was yesterday. Still riding the high a bit. The burst blood vessels and black eyes from the squat are a nice reminded that it was a good one :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately Clint had a rough one yesterday. Missed 3 attempts at 785-ish. We set the shirt the same as always, but it just didn't go his way. Its a new shirt, and he's had a busy couple weeks, so that may have made matters worse. He'll smoke that and more at Nationals in June!

Same, its sucked for so long that it was bound to get better eventually :stuck_out_tongue: I definitely left weight on the bar there by being conservative.