CPerfringens's Third Log

I’m 25, 5’7, 160 lbs. Getting back to training after 1 year unfortunate hiatus.

Former bests are 245 bench, 405 DL, 350 back squat, 315 front squat and 155 military press.

I stopped training because I couldn’t fix constant food shortage because of my schedule. Now it’s pretty much fixed and I even have the funds to afford Anaconda protocol.

I have somewhat good genetic, problem had always been lack of appetite and/or food shortage, now it’s pretty much fixed so I expect to reach somekind of genetic ceiling (erverything else is daled in)

I’ve read all of Thibodeau’s article, so I’ll be pretty much doing his stuff.

Goals for march 2012 : 405 squat. I’ll fix more goals soon, but I have to see how it goes first.


Pre W-O, 1 finibar
Anaconda protocol 2

Did a circuit

Deficit deadlift 225x3x12
Back squat 185x3x12
Shoulder press 95x4x12

(Pretty adequate focus, deadlifts felt easy, kept HR at 120 for a good 20-30 mins)

Bench press 95x6x3 (tricept were fried I guess)
Bicepts curls 25x8x3

Ate a plate of chili con carne for diner and chicken with rice for supper.
For evening I’ll have cottage cheese, canned tuna, almonds and a protein shake.

NB short-term goal: make my grey henley shirt looks TIGHT.

Nutrition not yet on par, but I had a very good W-O

Anaconda prot 2

Deadlift 275x3x8
Backsquat 225x3x8
SHoulder press 95x5x8

DB curls 25x10x2, x8
Benchpress 115x6x3

Tomorrow it’s
DL 275x3x9
BS 225x3x9
SHoulder press 115x3x9

Today I felt much closer to death (|------------------------------| this close in fact)
Gotta work the cardio, but I guess this is a good way, trying to get rest period as short as possible.