CPAT Training

Hey all,

Getting ready to take the CPAT (candidate physical agility test-basically PT test) for a fire department I’ve applied with. Anyone else taken it? Experiences, tips, training advice, etc. etc would be greatly welcome.

It’s not that difficult of a test. Train by running stairs, swinging a sledge, and dragging dummy/sled. There is ususally an orientation the day before the test where they show you the course, I would recommend that. When you take the test try to move as fast as you can from station to station. Just relax and think of it as a quick <10 minute workout.

Thanks for the information. I’ve been running stairs and hills w/ my duffel bag (loaded w/ 75lbs) and working on striking tires w/ a 10lb sledge. Been doing alot of farmer’s walks also, so I hope this works out. Thanks again.

You’re on the right track as far as training goes. I’ve taken it about a dozen times between practices and official runs, and generally see the same thing when other people take it: the stairs eliminate everyone. 50 steps per minute for 30 seconds, then 60 stairs per minute for 3 minutes, with 75lbs between the vest and the shoulder packs. Keep on training stairs, so you’re not winded for the rest of it.

For the wall breach, practice your horizontal swing, (build a plywood wall or something and paint a target on it). If you can’t hit the target in the center, all the power in the world won’t do you any good. This part of the test is all accuracy.

For the maze, you’d benefit by doing a practice run or two. I’ve never seen the maze change, and knowing where you’re going, and where the obstacles are will save you time.

For the ceiling pull (last event) practice transitioning from the push to the pull and back, and don’t be afraid to rock the shit out of that contraption. I see guys go soft on it, and not get their reps counted, losing valuable seconds.