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CPA Exam


So I'm going to start studying for the CPA exam soon, anyone have any tips? I'm planning on doing 4 hours a day for one month for each part.


Probably overkill if you're a naturally smart guy and good at taking tests. If that's not the case, then by all means, put in the time and get it done.

I would recommend taking the hardest and longest parts 1st, take the easy parts last, because by the end you'll be sick of studying and it'll be tough putting in those hours.

I think I took them in the right order, I went FAR, REG, BEC and AUD. Although if you already work in taxes you may think REG is easy and swap REG with AUD.

There is a t-accountants unite thread in GAL somewhere, there are probably a few nuggets of wisdom in that thread, too.




thanks for the response! Ya I'm a very fast learner and plan on taking adderall to study so I'm sure it is going to be an overkill but I was told that's how much studying it requires by someone who teaches a CPA course at FIU so thats what I was basing my strategy around. When I was told it was going to take 120 hour per section I was thinking wow thats more than all the studying I did in college haha.


I'd follow that rule of thumb for the first part just to be safe, but I wouldn't be surprised if you decided to cut that in half for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th parts.

Are you taking a review course? My firm paid for Becker, I used their self study course. It is pretty good if you are capable of forcing yourself to study (I'm sure with adderall you'll have no problem), but if you do have trouble with making yourself study it's probably better to sign up for the classes in person.


No, I plan on studying by myself. I have the Gleim CPA Review books, any thoughts on them?


I don't have any experience with them. The books are good but do they also have the sample questions? Becker review course came with thousands of sample questions in a software package that told you which ones you were getting right and which ones you were getting wrong, and the reasoning behind the answer, which I found more helpful than the books and the lectures combined. I'd watch a lecture just to get the general idea of what the chapter was about, then I'd just kill study questions until I felt really good about everything.


Gleim is fine. The difference between Gleim and Becker is that Becker focuses on just the important items. The goal of Becker is just to get you to pass. You're more likely to score in the 75-85 range with Becker, but studying is easier and quicker.

Gleim is just everything and can be overwhelming in my opinion.

As already is said, I highly suggest starting with FAR. FAR has some overlap with all the other sections, especially REG. Then take REG and then BEC and AUD last.

BEC you can cram for. I studied just for 3 days and finished the test in less than an hour.

I can't give you advice on how much you should study since everyone is different. I could give you an easy plan for Becker (watch video section, do questions, watch video section, do questions), but I'm not sure how Gleim is structured. It's been a while.

I'd say spend a significant amount of time on FAR b/c there is SO MUCH information and only a 75 question test. This is a test you do not want to take again. Everything else is pretty easy to study for (except maybe REG).

If you want to get a 99 (a perfect score), you probably need to study 120 hours per section. If you want to pass (75), which is all that matters b/c no one gives a crap about your score, put some effort into FAR, figure out how you did and adjust the amount of studying for the rest of the sections.

Zach, CPA, CFE


Again, not sure about Gleim but I agree with the rest of this 100%.


Everything has pretty much been covered.

If you still need credits to get your 150, take class that coincide with the section you are taking.


What I found to be the biggest obstacle wasn't any of the specific concepts, but the test of your memory.

They will at times, test you on very specific points that you will have read, remember in a general sense but not the specific question they are asking.

I don't know what advice to offer, other than sleep well the week leading up to the exam (maybe take ZMA/Z-12) so your memory is optimized.


I did not study anywhere close to 120 hours for the exams. 40 tops, and that is on the high end. I did BEC first, then FAR, AUD, and waiting for the results on REG. The only one I did not pass first time was REG. I used GLEIM, and found it worked just fine, although if I followed their recomendations it would have been overkill.

I bought their whole study system (CDs books, online course, and test bank software) I only used the online course (which has PDF files that are more or less the books in electronic format) and the test bank. I spent most of my study time just answering questions and then looking up the parts I got wrong. All in all I was happy with the GLEIM system.


One other thing, if you are working and have a family, house and all that stuff... Schedule in breaks.

Space out your exams so you can have 2 weeks off from study to spend time on yourself or your loved ones in between sections.


FUCK GLEIM AND FUCK THE CPA EXAM...that is all :frowning:


thanks everyone for their input.