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I woke up this morning with a mild pain in my coxyx (sp?) region. I have had this before when I fell on my ass skateboarding, but I have not fallen on it or anything this time. Was I gang raped during the night while I slept, or is it possible this is a training injury. I have been getting into olympic lifts in my routines for the first time, and all I can think of is that I have strained something back there. It really hurts when I flex my glutes.
Anyone have any advice?
Thanks All.
P.S. This is a serious post.

Don’t flex your glutes.

I’ve been O-lifting for over ten years now and still if I take more than a week off my lower back gets sore in the same spot when I resume lifting. I’d say just take it easy on the full lifts and maybe just do the power versions until it starts to clear. Keep squatting if you can but try to hang for 10-15 minutes with your feet raised (almost like the fetal position) to decompress the lower back. My guess is because your a new O-lifter you may not be used to full squats and the tailbone muscles aren’t used to getting worked and stretched at the same time. Its a common occurance actually; just be patient, it will get better.

Thanks a lot Galvatron, it already feels much better. Just never had DOMS that low down before. I think I have to ease into the lifts a little slower. Thank you too Sandman, but my chick just loves those full flexes, and who am I to deprive her?

SO … you gonna keep Coxyx as your sig ???

Maybe Coxxx is better, It sounds like a porn star.