Cows & Horses

I was reading my cell biology book, and cows came up for some reason or another briefly, and it got me thinking - some cows and bulls are pretty striate (sp?) and muscular, and likewise with horses. This is a paradox to me since they only eat grass, oates, and hay, and most likely get no real protein. If protein is what is used to make up our muscles, then how come horses and cows are so muscular when they get no protein?

Anyone know why?

The digestive systems being so different, I would hesitate to compare them and us at all.

Very much like bears and hybernation: they have their own miracle systems that just can`t be compared to us.

tren and eq!

Well, I’m no dietitian but I’ll give this a shot anyways…

Cows & Horses are true vegetarian and produce all the amino acids that they need to build various proteins. Humans are not true vegetarians and must obtain the amino acids that they cannot produce for themselves from their diet.

The rest of this shit is copied from MEDLINEplus…

Proteins are described as essential and nonessential proteins or amino acids. The human body requires approximately 20 amino acids for the synthesis of its proteins.

The body can make only 13 of the amino acids – these are known as the nonessential amino acids. They are called non-essential because the body can make them and does not need to get them from the diet. There are 9 essential amino acids that are obtained only from food, and not made in the body.

If the protein in a food supplies enough of the essential amino acids, it is called a complete protein. If the protein of a food does not supply all the essential amino acids, it is called an incomplete protein.

All meat and other animal products are sources of complete proteins. These include beef, lamb, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, and milk products.

Protein in foods (such as grains, fruits, and vegetables) are either low, incomplete protein or lack one of the essential amino acids. These food sources are considered incomplete proteins.

Plant proteins can be combined to include all of the essential amino acids and form a complete protein. Examples of combined, complete plant proteins are rice and beans, milk and wheat cereal, and corn and beans.

8 amino acids are generally regarded as essential, with two others, histidine and arginine, essential only in children:


Most farm animals are given supplemental grain which contains about 12% protein. Hay does also. However, horses, for example, are prey animals and are born muscular. 90% are born between the hours of minight and 4:00 AM are can run full speed by dawn. It’s in their genetic make up and evolved over millions of years.

So that explains it.

Well cows and horses have a totally different physiology to us humans for a start. There can be up to 18% protein in grass but as humans we can’t digest it.

Don’t know much about horses but I know that cows are ruminants. Most ruminants have a four-chambered stomach. Ruminants eat fast and store large quantities of grass or foliage in the rumen (1st chamber), where it softens. Bacteria and various micro-organisms live within the rumen and digest the cellulose in the plant material, thereby releasing the contents of the plant cells for digestion by the cow. To cut a long explanation short this allows them to digest and extract the 18% protein in grass (if high protein grass). Cows need approx. 18% of their diet to be protein to fulfill all of their needs.
Higher if they are larger steak breeds.

Cows can eat over 6% of their body weight in a day. And cows can easily weigh on average 800lbs so that ~50lbs of grass a day. So that’s 9lbs of protein a day!

As avoid roids already mentioned often the farmers add supplements to boost their protein intake to meet the 18% protein requirement.
Stuff like soya bean meal, pasture silage, lucerne, even whey if cheap.

Also as p-dog mentions steroids are widely used in race horses and big meat bulls. A dairy cow is not usually that muscular cause they are not breed to be. Incidentally the biggest bull in Britain weighs 3652lbs.

It’s really my training more than the diet, but thanks for all the compliments!

Eat more grass:

A man took his wife to the Rodeo and one of the exhibits is that of breeding bulls. They went up to the first pen and there was a sign that said, “This bull mated 50 times last year.” The wife poked the husband in the ribs and said, “He mated 50 times last year.”

They walked a little further and saw another pen with a sign that said, “This bull mated 120 times last year.” The wife hit her husband and said, "That’s more than twice a week! You could learn a lot from him.

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The husband looked at her and said, “Go up and ask him if it was the same cow.”

The husband’s condition has been reduced from critical to stable and he is expected to make a full recovery soon.

hahahaha, that’s a good joke man

I agree with the explanations given, as well as p-dog’s statements. Unless otherwise specified, isn’t the meat we buy at the grocery store taken from cows who have been fed grain, ground up dead cow, and anabolic steroids?

Not if you live in Europe, we have laws to prevent that kind of shit!

i thought they ate ground up chicken beek!

I think i will start eating hay

I believe that any meat that does not say “organic” or “range feed” came from animals that were doped or feed supplements that could have contained meat byproducts.

Here are the facts. Both can taste good grilled over an open fire. Horse goes better with a Pinot Nior, while cow/bull will do just fuime with a nice Merlot.

Let me ask you a question why is it that a horse can eat hay and his feces looks so much different than the feces of a cow that ate the same hay? I don’t know either so I guess neither of us knows our shit!

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