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Coworker Feels Aggressive on Prednisone


I have a coworker who had a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting. He was put on prednisone for 3 days. He says he feels more aggressive during the days he was on that "steroid".

I know the idea of "roid rage" has been completely blown out of proportion by the media, but this coworker says that while on prednisone years back he became very aggressive and "verbal" at a department store.

Is this really plausible? If anabolics rarely cause aggression, wouldn't prednisone be pretty much safe from such side effects? Have you heard of or had any similar experiences? Just curious.

Thanks in advance!


people mistaking prednisone for amn anabolic steroid and then, when they get coincidentally angry attribute that to prednisone. thats my theory

in my experiance on it, having done a couple "cycles", is that nothing really happens. but it'll damn sure shrink you tonsils in a hurry. dunno bout your testicles thoguh


Please google Corticosteroids and Anabolic steroids. Then google 'over-exaggerated side effects of anabolic steroid use presented by the media to demonize the use of exogeneous hormone administration'.

Then tell your friend to do the same and get a clue.


AAS DO and ARE PROVEN to increase aggressive tendancies in SOME men.. however the steroid your friend took is not an Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid.

AFAIK it is one's Androgen level (and then their personality) that increases the likelyhood for this problem, and corticosteroids have no effect on Androgen levels.


Why would he act differently on purpose? He's a near 60 year old, 5'8'' retired school teacher.

I know anabolics have been exagerated. What about corticosteroids? I'd rather learn from people here than Google.

In any case, thanks for the responses.



This prednisone issue was covered quite recently by myself and Brook. The addy is pasted above for your convenience. Your friend may quite possibly feel more aggressive. The psychiatric disturbances include depression, euphoria, insomnia, mood swings, personality changes (including aggression), and psychotic behavior. So changes since administration of prednisone may not be due solely to confusing anabolic steroids with corticosteroids. Bonez217 is correct however in his statement that it is a corticosteroid.


But aggression? Dunno.

I wasn't suggesting he was acting up deliberately lad, just that a number of things can cause this.
For starters the Placebo effect is very real - real enough to be accounted for in every single medical trial.
Give a man a 'steroid' with him believing it can increase aggression and you can see an increase in aggressive tenancies. This is common.

I remember a test on TeeVee where a group of participants were given 3 liquids, randomised and double blind.
They were given a weak alcoholic beverage of say the potency of a Lager. spirit like Voddy and a non-alcoholic drink.
They noticed that some of those who were given the non-alcoholic beverage acted as drunk as some of those given the spirits (as did some of the lager group).

Also.. is it also not possible that he had a few things piss him off during the course of treatment - and one day he suddenly and mistakenly thought "oh god.. i am on Steer-roids - that's why i beat my wife to with my nob.."

Food for thought. Also 'learning from us' while very nice is also very lazy.. if you were truly interested you would be searching to add your own thoughts or findings too.



More pseudo-scientific BS from the "great one".


What is your problem? You come here with little to no information to provide, you cannot accept advice from anyone as you 'know too much' and now you are having a pop as well?

I would love to meet you IRL lover boy - you are in the UK are you not?

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Sorry Blacksnake :wink:


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Brook, I keep saying this, but thought I'd ask your opinion.

I would bet everything I own on this aggression being due to inappropriate administration (i.e. enan once per week or even per fortnight. The dosing patterns used in these studies are typically appalling at best. My guess is flucuating hormone levels and shitty E control are the culprits, not the ACTUAL AAS.

I saw this! Fucking hilarious!


Absolutely not. No way. Simply put - It would be worsened of course by once weekly high doses - but it is the total androgen level that is the culprit. A one off dose only worsens this as a higher dose is needed. If a man is going to become overly confident/aggressively so on 400mg of test.. which is worse.. 500mg 1x/wk or 250mg 2x/wk? The first example will be effective for this side almost immediately as the dose is there. The second will build to levels giving that effect, so will be AS BAD in the long term.

The dosing comes into play when it is a choice of 2g E2W or 500mg 2x/wk. In this case the first example will provide a large increase in androgens for a shorter time. Possibly increasing aggression over that shorter time.

There are some men - and plenty of them - who suffer extreme psychological reactions to AAS - one major reason people dont say anything is they dont admit to it - alot like the reason you dont hear about ED terribly often.. especially face to face (or is explained as 'recovery') although at one point or another it will affect everyone of us for one reason or another.

The trouble is, while the anti-steroid lobby are working with bad, incorrect knowledge - focusing purely on the side effects, which as we know can be lowered with dosing regimes and ancillary drugs - the pro-steroid lot are lobbying with similar mis-information. to say that steroids do not cause aggression is like saying when you put a human behind the wheel they wont speed.

(The pro-AAS lobby also say that there are little risk for sides in those who know what they are doing - but IME this isn't tue either - look at someone like DH who is supposed to know what he is doing. He cannot control sides when on cycle - it takes a lot of experience to learn how to do this IME)

I for one am massively aggressive on AAS. This is not to say i am screaming all the time, or constantly in fights (more the pity) - far from it, in fact i work to avoid such situations. But i DO give off an uncontrollable air of aggression that is easily picked up by others. I get irritated very quickly by others (ring any bells anyone? This IS increased on AAS isn't it?!). I am more sexually aggressive in that i will make more advances than i may have 'normally'.

Aggression is not JUST fighting or telling someone to suck your cock. It is more commonly - in this day and age - a simple way of thinking (as violence doesn't pay in most societies). A more assertive, overly assertive manner where you will not put up with too much shit for too long from anyone.

I will link a study done on aggression as it is a perfect representation of what aggression in humans really is these days rather than the common thought of it as 'snarling' and being violent...!

(The 6 graphs were all raised - showing increases in aggression for all 6 participants. However 3 of them were almost off the chart in aggressive response, and the other 3 were mild-moderate rises)

This is taken from a pro-AAS site, as like myself i assume they don't believe in shoving their heads in the sand.

Many people consider that their increased confidence in themselves, their improved moods and their ability to call shit is just a pleasant side effect of Testosterone - makes them a little more manly - and some would be right - but in others these are actual symptoms of something a little more. They are actually intimidating in their self belief, their confidence and their self-worth. They come across as TOO confident - so.. aggressively confident.

trust me it exists - and not as crazy high doses. Plus add in a drug like tren which is approx 3x the androgen activity as test and you have a massive spike.

AAS forums are laughed about as many of the posters are so confrontational - rarely letting things go. It is difficult to see when you post on one - likely becasue everyone is of a similar mindset you yourself.. but it is definitely there. Of course this doesn't include everyone - and many men realise what happens and how to counter it as best they can.

But it shows occasionally. :wink:



Yes AAS forums are laughed at because of posters like you Brook. Rarely letting things go describes you perfectly. Wow posters are confrontational ??. I never noticed it so much until I read how you and Bill post. But your behavior is understandable if we go by your above comments and behavior over the past year or so. No wonder your relationship (s) is in the toilet. The way you post the reader comes away with the realization you are on a perpetual Tren/Test/Adex cycle. Yes aggression comes through loud and clear (in some users).


Winkroar, you don't seem to be able to let things go either. The difference with Brook is that his posts tend to actually be well thought out and USEFUL.

Brook: Thanks for the detailed reply, you've obviously given this a lot of thought. I guess if motivation, drive, and confidence are said to increase then I absolutely agree. Of course in some individuals this will come across in a more negative manner, which we're more apt to name "aggression".

I absolutely agree with a lower tolerance for BS whilst "ON", but I personally don't deal with this in an aggressive manner. I'm lucky enough to be very chilled out, even whilst on outrageous doses.


There you go, you are one of the 'other kind' it seems :wink:

The thing si.. aggression is not what it is considered to be by most. Being aggressive can be positive.. for example you can be an aggressive politician but would never of course be 'walling someone up'(!)
You can be an aggressive FISHERMAN! Or table-tennis player.. lmao!

The point is aggression can be a certain tenacity to get things done, a certain drive - that CAN be seen as too much, too in your face. i have it in an abundance, and it is both useful and debilitating in ways.

Anyway, thanks for the praise ave - looking forward to your cut mate, your arms (side bi) are very good indeed :wink:

You gonna compete? where in UK are ya?


Total placebo effect. The clue is "he says he FEELS more aggressive...". There is no way of knowing if he actually IS more aggressive as reported by an unbiased observer.

Most likely he thinks that steroids should make him more aggressive and every time he has an "aggressive" thought (whatever that is) he attributes it to the "steroids". I would bet any money if you got him to a gym he would report he "feels" much stronger and may actually be able to lift a little heavier as a consequence.

I remember the first time my wife wanted to try some test...I gave her an injection of .5ml vegetable oil and told her it was Test Prop...she went to the gym an hour later and was a total animal! too funny!


I was just reading in a medical book how prednisone can cause aggression. The context is guys who have antibodies attached to their sperm that prevent the sperm from penetrating the ovum.

That occurs often with vasectomy reversals where the body has had to 'digest' sperm that has no place to go. Higher doses of prednisone are used for two weeks prior to ovulation each month until a pregnancy is achieved. In this context 'aggression' was documented as a common problem.

As prednisone needs to be tapered off, I don't know how one could be two weeks on and two weeks off.


Thanks Brook :wink: Thanks for the info too.

I'm in the Southeast, just above London at the moment.

I haven't completely ruled out BBing, but for now all of my training/eating is based around strongman. I lean up a little now and again just for vanity's sake (lol) but I haven't done a proper "cut" so far in my training career.

I am kinda leaning towards competing with the 105kg strongman, before I truely go nuts and push myself up to 120+.

At my current bw (110kg) it may be that I can cut down to <105kg for a strongman comp, then continue leaning up for a BBing show, just to have that experience. Strongman is the priority, but I'll see what happens!