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Cowboy Influenced Me

When I was growing up in Texas, there was a movie star cowboy who influenced me in my training. Who was he?

Clint Walker?

Yes, Clint influenced me. But that’s not who I’m thinking of.

Walker Texas ranger?

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Roy Rogers or Tim Holt?

Charles Bronson and Tonto both had great builds!

Audie Murphy?

If you say Roy Rogers I’m gonna spit my granola out!

It was not Roy Rogers, Audie Murphy, Charles Bronson, Tonto, Tim Holt, or Walker Texas ranger.

Chuck Connors. Rifle man

I can’t believe I forgot the Rifleman, my favorite show of all time!!

Robert Conrad?

Not the guy who “repaired” my roof? :smiley:

Randolph Scott?

It was not Randolph Scott, Robert Conrad, or Chuck Conners.

Jock Mahoney? He went on to play Tarzan

Jeff Chandler? He had a pretty chunky physique

John Wayne?

No to Jock Mahoney, Jeff Chandler, and John Wayne.

Bob Lilly of the Dallas Cowboys !