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Cow Pellets


Theres is more than one post saying that you change the form of cow pellets,the steroids they give cattle.How do get usable tren and test from these products???Is this somthin anybody will talk about??


I read the article but....Ive heard talk of using the test from cow pellets besides the tren.Anybody willing to talk about it???


Found some interesting stuff about the tren,but nothing about the test.


It is best to search the site using Google rather than the site's own search feature.

For example, in this instance, you could Google for:

site:http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum (Synovex OR Implus) Bill Roberts




Tren is pretty easily made from pellets, test P from synovex is a bit more complicated but can be done, just need to get most of the estrogen out. i had a good link on recipes and guides on both but lost it, Im sure u can find it with google like i did, If you can't hit me a pm and i will try to look for it :wink:



I have found some stuff,very interesting.Knew it was out there.