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COVID19: Perspective From A (Sort Of...) Expert-Adjacent Person

And that is all I have been saying. The profits are small in comparison to vaccines. Even Indonesia has entered as a market shareholder due to the lack of patent and its easy production. Sure even they wont sell for free. But from someone that was not a shareholder in the vaccine production, to a market shareholder to 200 milion people potentially. So you are you still saying there are no financial insentives for blocking ivermectin?

How has Ivermectin been blocked when the bloody Indonesian government has decided to produce BOTH the vaccine AND Ivermectin?

And here’s the kicker:

The fact that the Indonesian government has decided to mass produce it is making me seriously doubt the efficacy of it.

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The research and the positive news have been blocked. The majority of us probably heard about ivermectin after the podcast of Joe Rogan. It also spiked interest and now we have poor countries producing it. It is actually a great news. You may doubt ita efficacy I am happy for the potential of thousands of indonesian lives saved due to ivermectin.

Oh please. This has been circulating around Asia before that Rogan podcast. There was already a 300% increase in ivermectin raw material prices being sold to India by China lol.

You think these countries aren’t capable of conducting research? China has finally realized their vaccines are shit especially against the Delta variant and they’re now scrambling to find some way to justify including the mRNA ones in their vaccination roleout, which they will have to initially purchase from Western distributors.

Do you think they wouldn’t have been researching ivermectin before resorting to this?


Here’s something you probably don’t know about Indonesia. Their government has long been known to be one of, if not the most, fucking CORRUPT AND STUPID ones S.E Asia.

Which is why anyone you ask around here would rather do business with China. Because the CCP is fucking CORRUPT. But they’re not STUPID.

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sinovac is still relatively effective with regards to reducing rates of severe illness/hospitalisations. But comparative to other vaccines, even non mRNA vaccines like astrazenica it isn’t as good at preventing one from catching the virus.


And after all the fucking money and effort spent on internal propaganda against the other vaccines too.

Plus all the political goodwill from the UAE to Indonesia.

It’s fucking hilarious.


Except that’s not what you’ve been saying. You have said that there is NO PROFIT POTENTIAL. This is a very different thing. This is not just semantics or word choice.

None in the US. Especially as ITS ALREADY BEING SOLD.

You are absolutely, positively, categorically WRONG about this.

There are over 70 clinical trials registered RIGHT NOW for ivermectin as it relates to covid.

There are many papers in both pubmed and the pre-print servers on the same topic.

NOBODY has been blocking research on this. The problem is that you don’t understand that the news isn’t as rosy as you want to believe. It makes it easier for you to have a villain.


Welcome to 20/21. No one looking for solutions, only for villains.


Yeah, but we do have plenty of those lol

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Yeah I already pointed out that the drug was in numerous media outlets. It wasn’t covered up at all dude. What was done was doubt was cast on it due to lack of studies done.

It’s really not that hard to get.


It is also reasonable for people to doubt it’s efficacy. Which doesn’t mean I’m not keeping an open mind and waiting for more studies. Obviously it would be awesome to have one more treatment available, especially an extremely effective one at it’s current price.

If it actually can prevent infection with a dosage that doesn’t cause any severe side effects, you bet I’d go buy it for unvaccinated relatives straight away.

However, do most people without pets even know what ivermectin is? It is from a class of drugs used as pesticides and anti-acarid medications.

I have used it before on my cats along with selamectin, moxidectin and was recommended something with eprinomectin just a couple of months ago. Other than ivermectin, the rest are used in spot on topical treatments, with selamectin currently believed to be the safest and most effective.

Ivermectin is available as a veterinary drug both as an oral solution, which I was warned before many cause organ damage in cats, and as a topical ear medication for ear mites.

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And these villains have to be ever more powerful, more intelligent, more nefarious. The systems we live in are now complicated far beyond any single person’s expertise, yet each week there are ever more additions to the labyrinth of machinations. It’s exhausting beyond words.