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COVID19: Perspective From A (Sort Of...) Expert-Adjacent Person

It’s definitely an overused term. Also often those who complain about the “biased MSM” will link an obviously biased far right news source right after it.

Although certain strains of the cold may be a coronavirus, sars-cov 2 is waaaaayyyyy more lethal and infectious than say HCoV HKU-1.

What’s more, historically coronaviruses have a low rate of mutation, and when mutations occur they tend to be minor additive characteristics as opposed to a re-characterisation of the virus as we know it.

This is why I’m so irritated with the way the Australia media is referring to “nEw StRaInS” as the reason as to why we may not be able to open international borders after we achieve mass vaccinations… I’m irritated by how we refer to “people getting infected through FlEeTiNg CoNtAcT dUe tO tHe IndIaN sTrAiN” despite the two cases thought to be related to fleeting contact being confirmed as false positives.

You might find a strain that’s slightly more infectious, lethal or a strain that over time slightly reduced the effectiveness of vaccines. But with the way we have the public crapping themselves you’d think SARS or ebola was running around. We have vaccinations available, if you’re scared of covid get immunized

But no… People appear to be scared of the vaccines potential side effects (minute chance of anything going wrong)… So you don’t want to catch covid and potentially die, but you don’t want to get immunised? What’s the alternative? Keep the country shut down forever?

You are becoming little conspiratory here. I am saying Fauchi is covering his ass, not that he is a billionare villan.

Here is actually a good fact checking article of Washington Post. You know your kind of media. Talking about FauCHI was financing the Wuhan lab. The only question remaining to be cleared is was the money used for gain of function research.

Keep in mind even this is with a latest update of mid May, before the email leak.

I hope it explains how Fauchi was funding the Wuhan lab. It also confirms that the funding was stopped under Obama.

It explains how he wasn’t and I don’t think you understand the article, at all. It contradicts everything you’ve been claiming.

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Are you sure you are able to read? And if so, do you understand what you are reading?

Post a quote from the article which states Fauci was funding the lab. Good luck, moron.

IMO the US funding the Wuhan lab is a good thing.

They are doing very important work and funding them incentives them to share the results

The Moderna vaccine is bullshit. I wish it had made magnetic. Fucking would love to not lose my car keys again. The people who couldn’t figure out masks are now trying to prove to everyone how dangerous the vaccines are. Holy fuck.


Is there a genetic component to type of mutant powers one is able to acquire? Like X-men? I wanna control the weather while making stupid jokes like Storm.

You know why Adele crossed the road? So she could go, “Hello from the other side!”.

Boom! Thunderstorm!

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Dude, if that was true I would take ALLL the vaccines in hopes to become Magneto. Are you kidding me? Sign me up.


Saw this yesterday and couldn’t decide whether to post it in the Stupid Thread or here. In addition to never losing your keys, for your next home improvement project you never have to deal with dropped nails/bolts/screws again. You’re building a deck, fence etc. and you just stick a bunch of screws to your arm? That’s awesome. Unfortunately the Pfizer vaccine has left my magnetic qualities lacking so far. Does anybody know how many doses I need to take? I can’t wait.


Shit, I just watched this like 2 days ago:

“In the early 20th century, the public becomes aware of people with superhuman abilities, known as Powers, resulting in the government passing a law requiring all Powers to register their abilities. They quickly become a key component of the economy, notably in constructing Lincoln City as the “City of Tomorrow”. As the Second Industrial Revolution begins, Powers are marginalized in the face of increasing mechanization, leading to severe prejudice as they become second-class citizens. By the 1990s, a crime syndicate known as The Trust has flooded the streets with an addictive drug called Psyke, made from the spinal fluid of desperate or trafficked Powers. Police departments begin using advanced drones, named Guardians, and facial recognition software to combat Power-related crime while a city-wide Powers ban is debated.”

Now I think it’s not a movie. It’s a prophecy but they got the timeline wrong like Idiocracy did.

Automation → Special powers → New Industrial Revolution → Dystopian police state → Locals turning into 2nd class citizens

You’re almost halfway there.

So, anyone over here knows how to make a tinfoil hat? I’ve already asked people in BSL and no one knows. Ignorant meatheads.

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Holy crap. They administered 28 million tests in 2 weeks in Guangzhou (population 18 million) alone because of a couple of cases.

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Magneto was (usually) a supervillain… You’d wanna be cosmic boy or something

depends on your perspective I suppose

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Why does this not surprise me

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If I got one and a woman got one I would be a pussy magnet correct?

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Nope. No I would not lol.

You have to admit, aside from the human rights abuses, the massive and dangerous air pollution, the humongous Great Firewall, the corruption and grifting of the officials, and the massive propaganda machine… China can be pretty good at shit.

That’s fucking efficient.

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Think about the corruption alone lol. It’s evolved into such an efficient system with multiple layers and common practices from the street level all the way to the top without any central governing authority nor any official SOPs.

This shit is nothing lol.


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