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COVID19: Perspective From A (Sort Of...) Expert-Adjacent Person

I will have to look at it later. I skimmed the article but don’t want to search the video to find where she talks about the R rate.

My personal opinion is more in line with Ferguson’s, so although she’s certainly accomplished I don’t feel inclined to agree with her. Now, I am a biochemist rather than an epidemiologist so I classify as “adjacent” to the experts but not an expert. However, depending on what she means by “the R rate” I may or may not agree.

I do agree that governments have to weigh complex economic problems on the scale and contrary to how I think I am perceived in this forum I am not in favor of extremely long or draconian lockdown. However I AM in favor of having the tools needed to address the problems when we come out of lockdown fully to “normal” (whatever that is).

It seems that Dr. Tegnell, the new media darling of the right, messed up spectacularly… This is from one month ago:

“In major parts of Sweden, around Stockholm, we have reached a plateau (in new cases) and we’re already seeing the effect of herd immunity and in a few weeks’ time we’ll see even more of the effects of that. And in the rest of the country, the situation is stable,” Dr. Anders Tegnell, chief epidemiologist at Sweden’s Public Health Agency, told CNBC on Tuesday.

I am just putting out here that there is a small sample size clinical trial starting, we can only be hopeful.


I googled it after I saw a Globe and Mail article that seemed similar. It is just that The Globe expected me to log in, and I don’t think the wider community on this board would want to do so.

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I always forget to update this thread. I’ve got a couple studies to put here tomorrow (if I don’t forget :roll_eyes:)

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I thought this was the best place to put this out there. this is a video from the UFC’s website, first episode of I don’t know how many, of the rigours they went through to put on UFC 251 with safety absolutely paramount. I thought to share:

@Aragorn Potential vaccine? @Legalsteel Article seems to think this is “better” than the Oxford effort, what does your smart friend think?

“vaccine from Oxford (ChAdOX)… provided no evidence of a reduction of viral replication in nasal tissue, raising questions as to whether these vaccines could affect virus transmission. In contrast, our study showed early prevention of viral replication in the upper and lower airways after a high-dose challenge (approximately 8×105 PFU) with SARS-CoV-2. The ability to limit viral replication in both the lower and the upper airways has important implications for vaccine-induced prevention of both SARS-CoV-2 disease and transmission.”


I shall ask him and get back to you. He is, understandably, quite busy though.


In the middle of the work-a-day, but I’ll check into this in the evening

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The easy peazy saliva test is probably more accurate than the stick a swab into your brain test:

Great find. It needs to be reinforced with a much larger study since 70 patients is a drop in the bucket, but I think the results are promising. Of note, it looks like they used the same analytical method (RT qPCR) for both saliva and nasal samples, so that’s good.

I find it interesting that it seems there is more virus secreted in the saliva than the nasal passages. That seems counterintuitive based off what I know about the respiratory residence of covid.

Also related, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to the study you asked about an entire month ago. My life has taken a turn for the surreal and I’ve not kept up as much as I should have on this topic.

Bill Gates funded a study that found that having the patient swab inside the nostril themselves was just as effective as swabbing the back of the throat or way up the nose. I mentioned this months ago, he wrote about it on his blog back in April.

Have you guys done the test? It feels terrible. I tried to do the throat version but I almost threw up and jumped out of my chair. The nasal swab was more manageable but still felt terrible and I could feel the swab in my nose for several days after. Healthcare workers in Ontario are being tested every week. Fortunately I already tested positive so I don’t have to go through the test again.

I swear that thing went so far up my nose that they touched my thoughts. I could feel it for at least a day afterward.


Why can’t something so contagious be found in saliva…the thing masks are keeping in?

I ran this by a friend of mine after the ER doc said that the test would likely come back negative depending on when they did it.

His take was that if it migrated from sinus to lungs, the swab would probably not get much of anything, only residual viral cells that adhere to the sinus lining, and for a real or more accurate sample they should be swabbing further down the airway where it is active.

I guess swabbing the lungs and throat can be problematic.

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Now that I think about it more that makes a lot of sense.