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Covid Stopped My Next Cycle

I had just started following the Pervertor program and had Squat and Bench coming up on Wednesday and Thursday but due to Covid restrictions, gyms are closed until the end of the month now.

Whilst I’m waiting for the gym to reopen, I plan to train with minimal equipment and run hills. I’ve got plenty of hills to run round these parts.

I have 2 x 16kg Kettlebells and 1 x 20kg Kettlebell.

I don’t think I have anywhere to do chin ups but I’m looking out for an opportunity.

What have other people who run 5/3/1 done in this situation? There must be plenty people out there disrupted by Covid?

Any kind of programming etc?

I feel you. I am in NorCal and the fires made me adjust several workouts.

My go-to workouts were:

  1. 500 KB swings. After 25 or 33 reps (changed it for variety) I would do 10 push ups or squats, or KB presses, etc… This workout takes ~35 min and is challenging.

  2. Pick an upper push, an upper pull, a lower body, and an ab move. I would do 6 sets of each, with reps adjusted for the difficulty of the move. So I might do 6x30 push ups, with 6x12 pull ups in between. Then do 6x15 KB goblet squats, with 6x20 sit ups in between. Again, this is a great workout and you will be sore if you are used to lower rep barbell work.

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Thanks for this. I’ve made a note of these two.

It looks like I’ve got until 5pm tomorrow to get one last gym workout in, before it closes.

Yeah, I expect to be sore, but at least I’ll have more time to fit in conditioning as well.

I personally did 100 reps of push, pull, single leg/core 4 days a week.

A cheap- and easy investment could be a TRX which enables you to do inverted rows. Also, kids paygrounds generally have high and low bara you could use for chins/inverted rows.

Other than that! You could do pushups, handstand pushups if you can do them. 1 leg squats/lunges, a bunch of ab work.

One of the EliteFTS Table talks features Jim, Vincent Dizenzo and Matt Rhodes talking about what you can train during lockdown, might be worth a listen if you want Jim’s input.

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