COVID Passport Rant

So in Canada we know need passports proving we have been double vaccinated. Which is fine, but the issue at hand is that you only need to show it at non essential and not anywhere else.

I get screwed because I need a two week period Between the dose and lifting. I just don’t understand why wait two weeks.

As in getting to the gym?

I trained the day of both my shots - I didn’t see anything about not lifting (assuming you didn’t feel like you were hit by a truck).

Or is this that you need to wait 2 weeks for the vaccine to stick? If so, that’s just how it works.

As I understood it, his covid passport is only valid 2 weeks after the shot, so he can’t get inside the gym before those 2 weeks are over.
Same all over Europe.

His English is terrible, must be French Canadian. He had it coming then.

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Right. Yeah, takes upto 2 weeks for the vaccine to take its full effect. Therefore, you may as well be pure blood until it clocks over.

must be French Canadian. He had it coming then


No just work night shift so always tired as hell. So here is one issue how they are dealing with the passports.

  1. All non essential businesses are required to ask for proof of passport.

  2. Essential businesses do not

  3. Employees of non essential businesses do not need to be fully vaccinated to work at the locations.

Since they are going this route, they should do one of two things. The first being make all businesses require proof and employees must also meet those requirements also.

I can understand why essential businesses would not be required to ask for a passport, but not requiring employees of non-essential businesses to be vaccinated when patrons are, makes less sense.

If you’re taking Pfizer/Moderna. Strenuous exercise afterwards appears to elevate risk of developing myocarditis

Just take a non mRNA vaccine if you want to lift… Or take the risk, which is still pretty low.

I kept lifting after both dosages of AZ… Except for the day after first dose when I had a fever… And the day after the second dose… Also fever… But still went to work.

It sure is fine lmao

How these people even do to go on and live with themselves having been forced to inject mystery juice in their body just to live their regular life and going along with it with no spine and reflection

The fraction of these lemmings with some sort of awareness must feel pretty stress in 2023 seeing the excess mortality and sudden deaths

There are also some or many of us, especially healthcare workers (me being one of them) who were mandated by our governments to begrudgingly take the vaccine to remain employed.

Several of my co-workers didn’t want the vaccine either. But part of our “regular” lives involves spending thousands of dollars on to support children, wives, and homes. So we chose to take the vaccine and remain employed.

So, for me and others it was, remain employed and risk undesired consequences of vaccination, or be shut out of professions and be in serious financial trouble.

Forced—your word. That is not enthusiastically doing something by one’s own volition.

I considered and still consider the mandate coercion.

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Floppy vampires is a side effect that I, personally, did not see coming.