Covid Mid Cycle!

Hey guys first post here.
Looking for some enlightenment if anyone else has had the same thing.

Current cycle is
450mg Test E
450mg EQ
per week. Dosing mon, weds, fri.
Planned to start Anavar at week 8 for 4 weeks…

I’m at week 6, training going well I’m up about 15.5 pounds was feeling awesome.
No sign of gyno.

Felt sick Sunday night, worked Monday 12 hour day, got home and tested positive for Coronavirus :face_with_thermometer: knocked me back pretty hard.
Anyone else had the same? Any tips on how to handle it?

If you can train and recover keep going. If you feel you need a few days off so that. If you feel you can’t train then don’t… pretty easy. I didn’t miss a beat in the gym with Covid but I’ve totally skipped the e gym a few days when sick. A week won’t make or break your cycle

Respectfully, i disagree completely with this. Covid is known to stress the heart and respiratory system, the vaccines are known for this too, and to be mid-blast (not exactly heart-healthy)? We’ve seen quite a few young, extremely fit athletes who have dropped dead.

I think training too soon after something like covid has serious implications on the heart. To do so while also blasting AAS is an unnecessary risk.

Get your vitamin D, dont neglect fluid intake (pedialyte if possible), and get back on your feet ASAP. I was in and out of it in 3 days and back training in 5 just by slamming fluid, getting vitamins and sleeping a lot.


There ya have it OP. 5 days off is sufficient to protect your heart.

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I really apreciate your bad faith arguments, but 5 - 3 = 2. you must’ve missed the part where I said

But go right on ahead with your

@Maverick89 FYI
I also wasn’t vaccinated and wasn’t mid-blast; this wasn’t for comparison. I was stating what I did, and that it worked - as a recommendation as how to get better.

Andrew is clearly suggesting that playing it safe is a good idea… I’m personally more conservative than he is, but at the VERY least, I would say stay out of the gym for SOME period of time. As long as I had ANY symptoms, or while I was positive, I stayed away from the gym.

Not the same, but a cautionary tale: a good friend from my weight class (aka not fat/huge) decided to compete with covid, because he felt fine. He was literally dead by the next weekend. Is this likely to happen to this guy? No, but… Fuck man. No gains or cycle is worth that risk.

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Not a med pro but I was on a 400mg a week cycle when the first lockdown hit the UK so no gyms and I felt it not worth it, especially as we knew soo little about it then. Now if I felt bad I’d probably stay on the cycle but lighten up till I felt better, maybe do whatever exercises I felt ok with around the house or park.

I wouldn’t go to the gym while ill or testing positive even if not symptomatic due to other people.