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Covid in Australia

If you did this you’d either receive a life sentence or a high paying job at asio (Aus equiv of FBI/MI5)

They haven’t done this, we have hotel quarantine though this is to soon be phased out in Vic/NSW in favour of home quarantine. That being said, those who arrive and are covid positive will probably still need to undergo hotel quarantine.

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Probably closer to 30-40%, but yes… Politicians will have to be dragged out kicking and screaming before they give up various powers that have been allocated to them… Hence the prospect of permenant pandemic legislature being tabled in Vic.

Well you should know better than me, but then what the hell is this?

and this:

And this one ^^ isn’t complete yet. They are not going to open it until 500 beds are ready, later this year, but this construction goes in to 2022. What does that tell you on what they are planning?

And this:

This looks like ‘covid camps’ to me. Are you saying that this is fake? If it is, I want to know if it is.
Serious question, are you allowed to see your friends? Go to their houses and hang out? Are you allowed to go see your girlfriend in person? How restricted are you right now? I ask, because I want to know just how bad it really is, or isn’t.

That was after The Open Door Policy when the Cultural Revolution failed. Go read up on Deng Xiaoping and don’t buy lots of the bullshit spread by Western MSM and YouTube fucktards. They have no fucking idea what it’s like to live in China. People were travelling around the country to tourist destinations and weren’t even wearing masks in most provinces by around the middle of 2020 until Delta hit them recently.

These numbers are from the China box office. Do you think a movie can make over 800 million USD if the movement of people is being severely curtailed and the average ticket price is around half of the US’s? Adjusting for PPP alone, the top movie made the equivalent of around 2 billion USD. That’s pre-COVID; the first episode of the new Star Wars trilogy and Infinity War kind of numbers. It’s now in 2nd place for the highest grossing domestic movies of all time.

See why John Cena went and literally kowtowed to China when he made a minor off the cuff remark?

They already have quarantine in hotels. And it’s the same in most countries throughout this end of the globe depending on what individual governments can afford to spend on quarantine.

That would also be quite silly for PR.


This was hilarious:

HOWEVER, if Australia is really building and intending to use them for quarantines, it simply means they expect a massive incoming wave and hotels won’t be enough for such numbers, which still isn’t new to countries around here.

Australia has the choice to do this or temporarily nationalize other private establishments to house people on quarantine.

These guys needed to be housed in facilities separate from their migrant worker dorms even after they recovered because the dorms were locked down. They got a pretty sweet deal lmao:

I believe this is based on British Law. There are numerous things that can be applied for severe offenses like crimes pertaining to national security, including indefinite detention without trial subject to approval by a Minister. People also can be detained “at Her Majesty’s Pleasure” or some shit like that I can’t remember. This is normally used for minors. It’s not a “China” nor “commie” thing.

Sure. I’m quite familiar with it. But it also depends on the view of the People. If the majority of the population is cool with it, then it has to be accepted as part of the democratic process. This is the reality of it. Where I live, a substantial amount of people are fucking UPSET that lockdowns and other measure are being LIFTED as they’re worried about covid spreading.

I don’t get the 6 beers thing lol. The others are pretty much similar to the lockdowns in other countries on this side of the globe.

Again, it’s the same in most countries on this side of the globe…

I’m posting this one because this guy’s case was pretty fucking hilarious. He was not arrested on the spot. A police report was made and they somehow managed to find out where he lived lol.

This was what happened during his first appearance in court:

The unrepresented Briton also said that he has a “legal counsel”, pointing to a man who turned up in court wearing a dark-coloured suit.

It turned out that the man, identified as Mr Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, had been his bailor.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Timotheus Koh told the court that Mr Abdul Rashid was not an advocate and solicitor at the Supreme Court of Singapore.

District Judge Eddy Tham said that Mr Abdul Rashid could not represent anybody in Singapore as he had not been called to the bar here.

Addressing the court, Mr Abdul Rashid said that he is an "ambassador-at-large and advocate of Kingdom Filipina Hacienda", and that he was there to defend his "sovereign compatriot".

He also said: “I don’t need a licence to practise.”

You can’t make this shit up lmao.


Potential penalties for not wearing a mask in public:

“Individuals who are found not wearing a mask or not wearing a mask properly outside their place of residence shall be liable to prosecution under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020. The offence carries a penalty of a fine of up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to six months

Even a safe distancing ambassador got charged LMAO:

They also have safe distancing officers:

A safe distancing officer is not even a cop. They are contract staff.

Powers of such an officer:

I gave several reasons above why governments with similar systems of governance don’t want to fucking keep their countries locked down. And I kept saying follow the news in Singapore to see what Australia may potentially do. I was not talking out of my ass.

“Singapore is a good example for Australia to pay attention to because we are probably going to be in a similar situation - we need to open up and we need to do it in a way that COVID-19 is going to become endemic,” said Peter Collignon, an infectious diseases physician and microbiologist at Canberra Hospital.

If anything, just think about public servants. Do you think they really want a higher workload when the reason why most people join the public service in the first place is because they don’t want to deal with the kind of pressure in the private sector?

dt, when I criticize China I am not criticizing the citizens. I always mean the CCP and their lackeys. Some people don’t know what CCP is and hence China is just an easier way to get my point across. And I will look into the nuances of Chinese life and it’s intersection with the government because I like to learn. But I am not criticizing the people of China and I don’t want them to suffer and I am glad that capitalism has benefited a great many Chinese people and have opened them up to material wealth.
Despite all that, we can agree that the CCP is a net negative, they are authoritarian and it would be better if the country was more free. Right?

Agreed on this front… Aussie society will end up akin to Singapore

Got into an argument with someone today about the prospect of individualism… “Look at countries that catered towards civil liberties! I’d never want Australia to end up like that”

I’m like “exactly what you’ve said, but the opposite”.

Though I’m amenable to hearing different opinions, I’m getting very irritated with the virtue signalling omnipresent here

You say lockdowns, curfews, 5 km radiuses are required… Perhaps indefinately because you care about the safety and well-being of others… But all those suffering, all those out of a job, those Australians stranded overseas, those succumbing to cancer/preventable deaths, drug addiction, poverty and more… They can get fucked

Just because you’re terrified of covid despite being double vaccinated because politicians have told you this one variable is unacceptable… You brain-dead, mindless sheep… (Not referring to you, referring to Australian society as is collectively)

Our cultural paradigm is so toxic, it’s absolutely unbelievable. People are pitted against one another. Regions that haven’t had lockdowns are trying to look into indefinate border closures, citizens in both paradigms are completely detached from reality and a nasty nationalistic streak has been unveiled between states

The stupid dick measuring contest of “we’ve had fewer cases than you!”

Seriously, the politicians responsible for making a game out of this that has ultimately affected the livelihoods of millions of Aussies ought to be trialled and either forced to recompensate those most affected and/or if they can’t I’d be glad to use my tax dollars to fund a fat prison term for them…

Melbourne CBD on Saturday will have a ring of thousands of police officers surrounding the city because a protest is supposed to unfold… They want to deter violence and stop the protest because protesting is illegal… The rationale being violence was present at the last protest… But the police fucking started the violence last time…

It’s not as bad as China though

During their lockdowns I believe slogans were hung up that read “try leave and we will break your legs. Talk back to us and we will break your teeth”.

It’s probably on par with Singapore… Though Singapore looks like it’s planning to open up, only portions of Aus will open up late this year/early next year.

QLD will be out for a while, WA might actually end up seceding. McGowan is drunk on power and the citizens are on their knees giving him a permablowie. They’d love to secede, WA in this case would probably become a dictatorship. As iron ore price has tanked it might actually happen

Aus is due for a huge recession, the property market will crash within the next five years… Lack of tourism, international students (there is NO plan to reintroduce tourism here) etc will fuck up our economy… Businesses will ship out due to the restrictions here… It’s looking pretty bad, starting to look at investing into alternate currencies.


I agree, I do not know how you bounce back from this. The definition of insanity still being repeating the same thing that didn’t work before makes the Australian government insane.
The problem with people is they just cannot believe bad things can happen to them, until it’s too late. How to wake up the collective mindset to understand that this is about them, not the other guy is a huge challenge.
I saw a hilarious clip yesterday from ‘The View’, which are whinny leftist women bitching about everybody else. During that show, Whoopie Goldberg started railing against the ‘Tax the rich!’ mantra in response to AOC’s dress at the Hunger Games capitol edition called the ‘Met Gala’. The nations elite, snubbing their noses at the rest of the country at $30K per plate, $125K for a table event. If you look at the pictures, you’ll understand why I refer to the hunger games…I digress… Anyway, Whoopie started to realize she’s rich and the taxes they are a talking about affect her! She was shocked and appalled that she’s part of the tax bracket being discussed at being taxed at 70%.
It’s funny to watch a clueless person just realize the very thing she’s been advocating for affects her and not Jeff Bezos. That’s what a lot of people think. What they want only affects bad mean rich people and not them.
Meanwhile the filthy rich, flaunt the rules, do whatever the fuck they want and these rules and lockdowns just help them avoid dealing with the riff-raff, peasants and don’t affect themselves at all. Even in Australia, actors and rich people are going to private beaches, surfing and eating whatever they want and doing whatever they want, while coming and going at they please. Meanwhile, they advocate for you to remain imprisoned in your own house.
Covid lockdowns as an economic policy is the largest transfer of wealth in all of human history. There are powerful interests keeping the flow of money exactly this way.

Here the homeless population is exploding. The vaccine mandates you heard Biden bloviating about have a couple of notable exemptions, Congress and illegal immigrants… Let that sink in for a minute. The well over a million people jumping the fence in Mexico are exempt from the covid mandates… and so is congress. If you didn’t think the lockdowns and restrictions were stupid before, knowing this fact alone means it’s a targeted evil being prosecuted against the people for the crime of being citizens. It’s fucking sick.

Oh yeah, what of the camps? Are those stories fake or real?

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Eh? I never ever assumed you were criticizing their citizens lol. I always assume people are talking about governments when they talk about countries and I never criticize citizens of any country I mention unless I explicitly say so.

The problem is dumbasses on YouTube are describing people living in China as living fear everyday in some dystopian nightmare state for clickbait and fear mongering. That’s very far from the truth. I’d light up a joint in public anytime in China. I wouldn’t have the balls to do so in many other Asian countries.

I agree. But the People generally there generally don’t care. Chinese (as in race, not nationality) societies generally embrace authoritarianism more readily because we’ve always been under the rule of Emperors. We generally don’t give a fuck about politics either.

Look at Taiwan. Longest martial law in history because of Chiang Kai Shek and constant fear mongering about commie infiltration. 38 years.

Look at Singapore. 62 years of single party rule. Elected through democratic elections.

The PAP currently leads the longest party ruling uninterrupted among multiparty parliamentary democracies in the world at 62 years running as of 2021, as well as the second in history after Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party which led for 71 years.[

Only on a superficial level and in regards to some policies. Your citizens would NEVER put up with the kind of authoritarianism in Singapore. I posted why above. You have never had a leader like the late, great Lee Kuan Yew. Some loved him; some hated him. Everyone feared AND respected him.

You will never achieve SG’s level of social conditioning and compliance unless someone like him emerges. And, even then, you’d probably need a couple of decades for this to happen. Locals were literally laughing their asses off when Hongkongers were migrating there to “escape” the CCP during the recent protests. NO ONE supported the HK protesters because of the civil unrest and disruptions to public life they caused.

This is the only place in the country you can protest against anything and you need a permit to do so:

A group of China workers in 2012 thought they could go on strike in protest of their low wages. They thought they were still in China lol.


…the government announced that it deemed the actions of the Chinese nationals as an illegal strike and that police investigations were underway. Under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act, it is illegal for workers in essential services to go on strike unless they give employers 14 days’ notice of their intent to go on strike. Public-transport services, including those provided by SMRT, are among the list of essential services covered under the legislation.21

Action against the strikers
On 28 November 2012, 20 SMRT bus drivers who had gone on strike on both days were called in by the police to assist in investigations.23 Five drivers were arrested and subsequently charged in court for instigating the illegal strike.24 The five drivers were sentenced to jail terms between six and seven weeks for their respective charges.25

Another 29 drivers were identified as active participants of the strike.26 This group received stern warnings from the police and their work permits were revoked, following which they were repatriated to China on 2 December 2012.27

The police also issued warnings to some 150 strikers who had returned to work after realising that the strike was illegal. This group was said to be more passive and had shown remorse over their actions. It is also believed that some of them had been pressured into participating in the strike. No further action was taken against this group of drivers and they were allowed to continue working in Singapore.28

A notable feature of the Sedition Act is that in addition to punishing actions that tend to undermine the administration of government, the Act also criminalizes actions which promote feelings of ill-will or hostility between different races or classes of the population.

How do you interpret “feelings of ill-will or hostility” lol? “Classes” of the population?

This was based on British Law, btw.

The CCP would never do such a thing. They have lots of passive aggressive methods at their disposal to make people compliant. They are very fucking good at fucking with people while maintaining public support. Some dumbasses or some officials in some provinces may have done this on their own volition. I’d wager that if this was done by any representative of the CCP, the fucker would be sacked. And most of the drastic shit only occurred in Wuhan at the very start of the pandemic because everyone was scared shtiless when covid first emerged.

Don’t believe everything you read.

Think of the CCP and the way they control China’s population TODAY the way you think about training cats. Unlike dogs, cats do not respond well to fear and punishment. You can beat a dog senseless and the dumbass will still come back to you because it still thinks it’s survival depends on you as it’s protector. For cats, this would never happen. They’d either just avoid you or leave your home. You have to make them think the desired actions you want from them were their own decisions.

I’m NOT saying certain fear tactics aren’t used. But they generally avoid using them if other methods are available. You can’t control a population of 1.3 billion and have a booming economy at the same time if you only rely on fear.


What did I tell you?

^Isn’t this exactly what I said would happen? Next they will blame the unvaccinated for spreading the virus and fear mongering will be dialled up to 11 with regards to deaths amongst the unvaccinated in the media and parliament. The wave of cases seems to have peaked but deaths will take 2-4 weeks to.

Typical carrot and stick strategy. Vaccine passports vs becoming potential pariahs who can’t do lots of shit. Can’t mandate vaccines. Can make life miserable for the unvaccinated.

Don’t listen to fear mongers. This is the only logical way forward for Australia. You’re already vaccinated. Move on and do more constructive shit while waiting for measures to relax. NO ONE can be bothered to maintain a real police state. Stop thinking about all this political bullshit. It’s fucking predictable.

Public servants are generally lazy ass bums in democratic, First World countries with a history of relatively low crime rates and a relatively compliant population. They don’t want the extra workload. The population is already compliant. Why push it further and piss off even your own staff?

I’m sticking with the >50% fully vaccinated KPI for major changes even though they’re still saying they want 70-80%.

And to show that I’m not just talking out of my ass to provide people with some kind of false comfort with sunshine and rainbows and shit, this is what I predicted would happen with Delta on May 5:

May 6:

May 10:

If I expect bad shit to happen, you can bet I’ll fucking say it without sugar coating it.

I’ll even admit that my views about what vaccines are really supposed to do were wrong after being properly informed about what “immunity” really means and the difference between “immunity” and “sterile immunity”. But the WHO still hasn’t even updated their site about the goal being “herd immunity though vaccinations” so no one can blame people for getting the wrong idea.

The only thing I’ve been genuinely afraid of is the advancement of Big Data because I’ve been dealing with a lot of tech these last 2 years.

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Though my state has shifted the goals

At 70% fully vaccinated a curfew will still be in place and a 25km travel radius

90% + looks to be the new 80% when things can actually open up… Albeit with continual mass surveillance.

Though it looks like I won’t be in the country at that point… And… Good fucking riddance, at least until things go back to normal

Yesterday there was a photo shown of a 70+ y/old woman shoved to the ground and maced by police at a protest

The responses?

“She should have followed the rules!”

“Got what she deserved!”

What the fuck is wrong with people here?

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The same thing that’s wrong with balless pieces of shit posting the kind of vitriol online that you’d probably get your teeth knocked out for if you said it to someone IRL everywhere in the world. Since you guys are locked down, I’m assuming Australia’s population doesn’t go out much lol so I guess you guys have a relatively larger amount of people on social media with nothing better to do.

I’ll put it this way. You remember that scene in Full Metal Jacket where the mentally dull dude gets beaten up in the middle of the night? That was after the sergeant decided to punish everyone other than him whenever he fucked up. This is what’s going on in their heads.

However, these people are either shit bags or they are people who tend to think in extremes. They do not represent the majority of the population.

And think about this for a second. It shows the government campaign to get more people vaccinated and at a higher rate is working. Fear mongering and lockdowns to make people miserable. Some people just react in extreme ways.

Which is why I think:

The goal posts will be shifted downwards in due time. It’s just a passive aggressive threat to keep the vaccination rate up. I’m not saying ALL measures will be relaxed. I’m just saying measures probably won’t be as shitty as what they’re saying.

Currently you guys in NSW will definitely reach at least 80% judging from the amount of people who have taken their first dose. It’s just a matter of waiting for them to get their second dose. They just don’t want the rate to plateau.

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I saw that, I have little doubt she has concussion, as her head slapped the bitumen. People have died from less force.
They added insult to injury as 2 officers then proceeded to pepper spray her directly in the face. What brave heroes. They should immediately arrest and handcuff each other.
No justification for such brutality, on an old lady, who was peacefully protesting.
Fucking disgusting. Funnily enough it wasn’t reported on MSM, who’d have thunk.

These fucking idiots are too dumb to realise they are going to get Nuremberged. At the very least the current government is going to scapegoat these individual cops to placate any public criticism.

I’m not in NSW, but it’s become clear NSW WILL open up at 80%, but restrictions like mask mandates, location tracking etc will become permenant. I don’t mind SOME sustainable, non intrusive restrictions in a tradeoff for freedom of movement.

The surveillance shit, the new police powers granted (unrelated to covid), electoral suppression bills and more that passed whilst people were fixated on covid aren’t okay…


And I’m arguing with people who say she deserved it… I mean Jesus Christ, what is wrong with people over here.

Police are NOT here to conduct vigilantism, brutalize those who you disagree with. I hope
these pro authoritarian fucktards find themselves on the other end of the stick one day.

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I am exiting stage left in t minus 26 days.

Bon voyage boys.

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I don’t blame you. I’m likely jumping ship soon too … It won’t be easy, but it’s better than staying here

I hope life treats you better overseas than it did here :slight_smile:

If you’re not financially embedded within this police state, best bet is to get out.

Well let me be fully transparent. I am forever indebted to the hospitality of the Australian people. I was offered a life changing opportunity here and I took it.

Australia isn’t perfect. And I think we both agree that the government is guilty of tremendous over reach.

Having said that I would prefer to live in Australia over 99 % of other places.

Of English speaking countries I rank it third on places I would want to live. US being number one and Canada being number two purely on its proximity to the US.

It used to be… Even with the nanny state madness infiltrating daily life prior to covid, Australia granted it’s citizens a damn near unparalleled standard of living.

During the pandemic we traded away ALL liberty for safety, and now politicians are very reluctant to release the unprecedented powers that have been granted to them

Knocking down and macing senior citizens is supported by the public here

I don’t think Australia is a great country anymore… We’ve undergone a rapid, rapid decline. Our society has turned toxic, risk averse to the point of stupidity.

What’s more, as a young person this is not a nice place to live. Why? Property prices… Stupidly expensive

With house prices rising on avg 1300$+/wk in big cities/suburbs, the average price of a home is trending upwards of 1 mil despite unemployment rates rising, despite wages not increasing to accompany the increase in prices.

This is a problem occuring in many big cities… But places like Sydney arguably have the most expensive standard of living.

I’m not in NSW, I border between rural and metropolitan Vic, but I’m not quite considers rural which is unfortunate as my area has been subject to some of the harshest restrictions and has broken the world record for most prolonged restrictions.

I’m emotionally biased, as I will never forgive a country that tossed me aside like I was a piece of trash in the name of public safety when I was in dire need of help.

I have no interest in living within an authoritarian society. Most Australian politicans at this point cater towards an autocratic outlook pertaining to societal rule as people here ejaculate on command when told what to do. They CAN get away with it. At this point in time the worst offenders appear to be Berijiklian and Andrews… But the Andrews government has got to be by far the most authoritarian

Shutting down parliament because “the opposition isn’t interested in the way I want to run society… Oh and… Thirty cases per day! Too much of a risk”.

Not to mention the federal mass surveillance bills that have been passing through more and more often over the past ten years, the new electoral suppression bill (first of its kind, will eliminate some parties that have been running federally for 30+ years), now media cencorship (very new construct here) and much, much more.

Over the past year in particular the authoritarian push within all state governments has become particularly omnipresent and people, through indoctrination or sheer fear seem to embrace this with open arms.

“That old woman should have stayed home… For all we know she was a threat!”

I reckon this time will go down in Aussie history as an atrocious breach of human rights… And I hope the 80%+ of the population that supported this shit is called out, held accountable and made to feel guilty. Short of actual punishment, I was them shamed… I want media outlets calling them out for having supported this without doxxing anyone.

I wand Andrews, Gladys, Palaszczuk, McGowan and Morrison to a degree all held accountable for this… Prison time, compensation for those who have lost everything and/or public, humiliating apologies and a huge fine would satisfy me. Either/or

The 80% of support for the covid measures is what the MSM wants you to believe.
Don’t believe the bullshit. Man arrested for flying a drone at Freedom Day rally , Brisbane, Australia 18.9.22 (bitchute.com)