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Covid in Australia

Check this geezer out. [Bogan response floors cops at Melbourne COVID checkpoint (bitchute.com)](Bogan response floors cops at Melbourne COVID checkpoint

I want to mention the effect I’ve seen this pandemic have on kids/young adults alike

There are numerous young adults my age, myself included who have had mental health ailments induced or severely exacerbated through the means of prolonged isolation.

As to younger kids, lack of movement coupled with boredom and a sense of desperation/helplessness appears to have led to quite a few younger kids doing things they should never be doing.

Many are in pivotal neurodevelopmental periods, the prospect of prolonged isolation isn’t healthy for the developing brain. To all those who’s scoff and think it’s nothing, I suggest you look into what stage 3/4 lockdown entails in Aus. My state has been in stage 4 for more than 6 out of the past 12 months and stage 3 for even longer…

Latest news from Sydney. Crude but true :grinning: Sesh ~ SYDNEY TOUGHER RESTRICTIONS (22/7/2021) (bitchute.com)

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“as a matter of fact, don’t even look when you’re driving”

:rofl: That one got me

Apparently in SA police have been fining people waiting hours at drive in testing sites for using their phones in their cars when the vehicles are all piled up/at a standstill for like 30 mins at a time. Only in Australia…

There are purportedly some preliminary talks going on in NSW now regarding what to do down the line if the lockdown doesn’t work (as it hasn’t been working for the past 4-5 wks). They’re talking about loosening restrictions once a vaccine quota is met, very briefly walling off the most hard hit areas and conducting a “vaccine blitz” following by granting fully vaccinated people immunity from domestic restrictions, potentially allowing international travel/quarantine from home for fully vaccinated (thus allowing people to come back/leave) etc

Other states will throw a hissy fit at first if it’s implemented… Followed by which if this approach works (which it should) other states would probably implement it (aside from WA) as people would become restless watching those from NSW being granted a surplus of civil liberties whilst they have to stay at home.

Tbh I think the preliminary hearings were sparked by the protests that unfolded over the past week or so. I’m not against protesting, but these protestors were almost entirely unvaccinated, didn’t wear masks, lit flares, threw shit at police and assaulted them.

The latter I have the biggest problem with, initially during the first few protests around a year back police horses were used to trample the protestors and excessive force was used against a small crowd. In this instance it was thousands and thousands of pissed of protestors, so many the police couldn’t resort to the same tactics to quell the protest… But I don’t think two wrongs make a right. Throwing shit at police, punching police horses etc is fucking disgraceful. Shame on those who resort to this kind of behaviour, esp punching a police horse. The cunt is lucky the horse didn’t kick him back…

I believe the protest was eventually shut down as freedom of speech isn’t a given in Aus regardless of whether a protest is peaceful or not. Now probes are being launched to fine/arrest anyone that can be identified… Which I think is over reach, penalise those who resorted to antisocial conduct.

There’s a reason people are protesting. People are out of work, businesses are shutting down (many more reasons that I’ll add but my phone is about to die).

Its getting pretty shitty and a lot of people are getting fed up.
That guy in the yellow singlet allegedly punching a police horse, was proven to be false.
I saw the photo in today’s paper, and thought it looked suspicious, or maybe photoshopped, because guy’s weight distribution doesn’t look like he’s punching.
It wasn’t photoshopped,as far as I know, but it was misleading, via the angle, which takes it out of context, to what really happened. Video footage from several different angles shows the mounted police muscling in on the protestors, the guy puts up his hand to fend the horse off. Wisely he has his fingers closed, horses can bit you pretty badly(yes a kick from a horse can easily kill you). He definitely didn’t punch him. Both the media and the police played it like the horse was assaulted.
The police eventually admitted the horse wasn’t hurt, but still didn’t clarify that it was never punched in the first place.
MSM do nothing but lie. Multiple different MSM all reported the same agenda. They made it out there was only 3500 people protesting . I have heard estimates anywhere from 30000-90000. Whatever the truth, from the footage I saw it was a hell of a lot more people than 3500. Definitely 30000, maybe 50000.


Mostly peaceful then?

Mostly peaceful with a few delinquents mixed in from the looks of it.

I’m sure the clip is out of context but going around is an Australian politician speaking to the press and he says he doesn’t know what people are protesting. A reporter says “you” and he responds with “that’s illegal”.

Made me laugh but also: holy shit! What is going on down there?

I’ll respond, but my response is probably biased as I harbour an immense amount of irritation towards Australian society at the moment.

The man in the clip is Daniel Andrews, the premier of Victoria. The clip isn’t particularly out of context as protesting is illegal during lockdowns (and illegal without restrictions depending on the context)

More or less, our response vs overseas relates to the relationship a demographic has with figures of authority and the prevalence of independence within the general public (a lot are dependent on handouts/financial support).

Purportedly during a time before I was born/before I was cognitively cognisant enough to find politics interesting, Australia was at the forefront of progressive ideology regarding public health (@Beyond_Beyond can probably attest to this). Adopting a stance of adherence towards harm minimisation and minimal unnecessary government intervention. For reasons that are up for debate, state and federal governments alike have slowly en-roached upon the notion of privacy over the past decade or two; catering towards a progressively higher degree of societal infantilism. Citizens were no longer thought of as capable of making their own decisions for even the most mundane of everyday activities. Many otherwise risk free activities now require a permit, oversight from municipal authority etc. There’s a good argument for a degree of regulation, but you can’t mitigate ALL risk in society

Over time, the adoption of incentives designed to remove risk from various activities no matter the cost has gained tremendous public support. As a result we are INCREDIBLY risk averse as a society, even if the policies put into place in effort to deter risk are almost unreasonably draconian. You’ll hear justifications like “lowering the speed limit to 18mph in residential neighbourhoods will prevent a few deaths on the roads! Any preventable death makes this initiative worthwhile”, then if pressed on how unreasonable it is, the financial incentive via excess fines you’ll receive a slew straw man attacks “you’re obviously pro-death”.

Within many countries that harbour more standoffish relationships with authority such measures would incite uproar, but over here just about any initiative would be spun by the media as being for “the greater good” and a statistical majority as a result mindlessly jump on the bandwagon. Australians for whatever reason LOVE catering towards a “holier than thou” type mentality despite our country having plenty of issues not nearly as prevalent (like systemically discriminatory policies) in countries overseas, this is particularly omnipresent with polarised topics such gun control or covid-19.

With an already obedient, highly risk averse population state and federal governments have jumped on a campaign of fear mongering, instilling fear and imposing authoritative restrictions in effort to “keep us safe” and mollycoddle us. People seem to LOVE this as it has led to a massive “rally around the flag” effect. Furthermore, the pandemic has unveiled a nasty nationalistic/selfish streak within Australian’s.

Plenty of Aussie’s have been stranded overseas for upwards of twenty months now, unable to find a way back home. Instead of pressuring governments to let stranded, broke Australians back in the opposite initiative has been pushed from the public. Terrified of covid-19 as if it’s the black plague, many of us have been up in arms about people coming back; so much so that various PM’s came together to push through the ham-fisted policy of halving arrival caps of which were already some of the strictest in the world. To note, we mandate travellers return and undergo 14 days of hotel quarantine.

The current “lockdown” game is partially mediated at keeping deaths down whilst our vaccination initiative speeds up, the other part is a political ploy wherein states have been flinging shit at one another instead of co-operating/collaborating with one another and federal politicians. We could be getting SO much more done via the development of standardised quarantine facilities in desolate locations, universal yet sustainable restrictions etc, but instead we keep pandering to vested moral superiority, jerking ourselves off over low case rates and the likes. This morning on the daily briefings I heard premiers taking shots at NSW, various states talking about how citizens should be proud for low case numbers, high testing numbers “In X state, our state had more testing than this state…”.

So that’s what’s been going on. After twenty months of these head-spinningly idiotic politics (I haven’t even gotten into Astrazenica/political fear mongering over vaccines) a large portion of the population appears to be fed up, though many are still on the covid zero bandwagon. Some ACTUALLY think we ought to stay shut off to the rest of the world for good and/or until covid ‘dies out’. We are terrified of covid… Australians imo really need to harden up a little bit.

Daniel Andrews doesn’t understand what people are protesting over… I can think of many reasons someone might be pissed ooff

  • The people who have lost businesses
  • Those who were unable to say goodbye to dying relatives overseas/those who missed weddings
  • Those who are stranded overseas
  • Those who aren’t receiving income because they’re out of a job
  • Those who receive government assistance, but the payouts they receive equate to a fraction of what they’d otherwise be making
  • Those who are facing metal anguish/prolonged isolation mediated by constant lockdowns

We have two mainstream political parties, labour and liberal but a divide has been created between mainstream labor/liberal and alternate minor parties like One Nation (far right party), the liberal democrats (centre right libertarian party), the reason party (centre left libertarian minded party), greens (far left party) though many of these aren’t federal parties as many, albeit still a statistical minority are sick of the nanny state bullshit… My point is, an increasing portion of Australians are feeling alienated and more needs to be done to cater towards this demographic. Instead, mainstream outlets are shunning these people, making out as if they’re all dole bludging, dropkick bogans. In my opinion civil unrest may develop as this silent majority grows.

Something needs to done to cater towards these people… otherwise this is how malevolent leaders eventually get voted into power… this is how protests start…

Figures of authority over here are virtually impenetrable, with near complete societal complacency more and more authoritative means have been imposed over the years in effort to restrict independence and (most of all) raise revenue.

I’m not anti gun control, but I have to admit (from my view) a lot of this shit started when the guns were taken away. Many Australian’s use America as an example of various policy failures. I’ve been guilty of this to an extent in the past too as it’s easy to jump onto that bandwagon. But the opposite can be true, and as of recent more and more initiatives have been popping up that have me shaking my head and thinking “Down the road this Australian policy might be used as a historic example of a failed initiative”.

I’m not conservative, so the “far right push/sentiment” scares me a little bit. As a jew it appears the far left don’t like me and the far right don’t like me… My collection of political ideologies have me residing in the “centre left, but barely left” category, a stark contrast to what I would have identified as three years ago (though relatively stagnant over the past year). Economically I lean slightly conservative, socially I lean slightly progressive. I don’t advocate for flat out libertarianism as the complete absence of government intervention, the “each to his own” philosophy is fundamentally flawed; but I won’t get into that on here as it isn’t relevant.

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Please give me a reference for this.
People think of Australia they think of kangaroos, crocs, surfing.
No they should think of bullshit like this. That is the most Australian thing ever.

Probes and people ratting on one another.

Real Big Brother 1984 shit. Think about it. Double speak, double think, new speak. All stuff that is prominent in todays sociopolitical landscape.

Really thats so interesting. The sources I quickly glimpsed made it seem that a fringe few uneducated morons engaging in the protest.

That man can go get stuffed.

Yeah Australia sucks right now. Absolutely ridiculous.

Depends on the media narrative reporting on the issue. Quotes say as high as 90,000 or as little as a few thousand. From looking at the footage/hearing what people have had to say about it, it’s fairly clear the protests were very large in scale.

If they weren’t large enough to scare people NSW wouldn’t currently be in preliminary hearings over trialling a different approach to covid management.

I kept saying “Australia is creeping towards authoritative rule”, I kept hearing “you’re ridiculous, this isn’t China”. Covid lit a rocket fuse under that “slow creep” now I have people telling me “you call THIS (stage 4 lockdown) a restriction on civil liberties?” Or “would you prefer bodies burning in the streets?”

Exactly how lethal do people think covid is? it’s about 10x more deadly than the flu when not accounting for vaccinations… not 10,000x more deadly…

My current plan is to study, acquire credentials, get a job overseas and leave (not necessarily in sequential order). A worry for me is the rise in anti-semitism within Western Europe, in which case despite my criticisms regarding marriage laws and whatnot Isreal might end up being my safest bet.

Not to say Isreal isn’t a nanny state, but they have a reason for being one (that being the omnipresent threat of terrorism) and they don’t appear to be quite as bad as we are.

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Mainstream media will give you that impression. They will show you overhead drone footage, of the rear of the march, at the edge where people tail off, so it looks like there was only several thousand. They also didn’t say the same kind of protests were happening in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, all over the world, making it look like an isolated event.
MSM has being saying the general public is dobbing all the marchers into the police. I very much doubt that is widespread.
The police are saying it was anarchists who organised it. If you look at some of the footage on Bitchute, you will see parents with kids, babies, husbands and wives.Its all peacefull protest, except at the start before the march the police were able to arrest a small amount of individuals, and at the end when the police tried to arrest them(which is what you would have seen). They didn’t do anything at the height of the protest, because they couldn’t .

When police try and arrest people who are otherwise peacefully protesting, it criminalises normal activity. Not what is supposed to happen in a democratic society.

MSM have been saying it was irresponsible, a mass spreading event. Last year in Melbourne the same media were saying the BLM march wasn’t a mass spreading event, because the march was outside, and that sunlight and open air evaporated the droplets too quickly to cause a potential problem.

Couldn’t agree more. I never thought I would see it so prominently in Australia. MSM are colluding with the government propaganda message.

I’m not sure what news you were watching.

When my brother and I watched the news (international… I think) they were talking of protests in Australia, Greece, France etc, with tens of thousands present in Sydney alone. Footage showed massive crowds with parents and their kids etc.

Interesting as to how Europe responded to the protests vs here. In Aus they’re opening up police probes looking at fining/arresting as many as they possibly can…

I was thinking about this too. Every time we’ve had anti lockdown protests prior to this one police have responded heavy handedly, trampling protestors on horseback, tackling others to the ground etc.

This protest was too big to police in that manner, so they’re going after the protestors posthumously… Or, ya know, we could stop stagnating society.

I saw NSW lockdown may go on til mid-september after which I assume they’ll switch stances and transition to “living with it”.

But still, what the fuck. NSW is the economic hub of Aus and they’re effectively shutting it down for four months…

I can’t advocate we open up entirely at this point as we don’t have a majority of those aged 70+ vaccinated, but when we do… And there’s semi decent coverage (say 40-50%) amongst the general population Australia really needs to snap out of this “scared of our own skin” mentality and open up. We have 30% partially vaccinated, with Pfizer shots only spread 3-4 wks apart I’m assuming full coverage rates will experience a rapid uptick in the next 6-8 weeks as we progressively ramp up Pfizer coverage… Then we receive Moderna, eventually 50 something million novavax dosages… Government ordered 83 (I think) Pfizer shots for 2022-2023. Looks like they REALLY don’t want to repeat the same mistake here.

It’ll be interesting to see whether politicians slowly shift stances and pander towards a more sustainable alternative. At which point the general public will probably magically switch stances yet think they’ve opened up to new ideological management patterns independently…

Fuck… Singapore is talking about quarantine free international travel at the end of this year… Fucking SINGAPORE! They’re more authoritarian than us, they’re actually a hybrid regime, Australia is supposed to be a democracy… If we fall below Singapore (minus their draconian drug laws) I’ll be soooo disappointed.


Ch 9 and ABC. Both are state based. I haven’t relied on MSM for years. I watch it mainly for entertainment, when I compare it to independent media, livestreams etc.

Just had the police commish being interviewed by channel 9, calling protestors cowards because they didn’t have obvious leaders he could go and arrest before the protest started. He budged on the 3500 supposed protesters, Now its only 3000 :laughing:

Straight out of Orwell.

They really try and downplay how wide the support was/is. Its like wartime censorship, except its not for the good of the population’s morale, its to make people think they are an isolated minority for having a dissenting opinion.

Here’s some good footage from Melbourne. Avi is a legend. Best reporter in Australia for sure! This is what REALLY happened at the Rally For Freedom in Melbourne (bitchute.com)

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There aren’t many unbiased news outlets in Aus at the moment. You’ve got Murdoch media then you’ve got MSN, ABC etc… None will paint a factual picture taking into account views from both sides which is unfortunate as it isn’t really “news” anymore if they’re telling a one sided tale is it…

The protest in Melbourne paled in contrast to the scope of the protest in Sydney.

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Interesting discussion on the freedom protests, Australia, and other countries. Similarities of non reporting by MSM in different countries. Worldwide Covid Fascism is Here - YouTube

I will just leave this here. Listen to their language.

“They assisted with compliance. They actually provided confidence”

I’m staying away from the news

All it does is irritate me. Can’t stand Australia atm

Gotta admit, calling out the army is a bad look, very disturbing. Using the military to intimidate your own population. The military doesn’t have any power over civilians, to enforce law. Stinks of tyranny. What’s next?