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Covid and Fatigue?

Has anyone on here dealt with excessive fatigue post Covid, like 2-3 months post. I actually had a mild case mid January and have had both shots in the last month (the last being a week ago).

I have been exercising, just don’t feel as good as I normally would. I typically sleep 8 hours a night but my Garmin shows only about 30 minutes or so of deep sleep and what I’ve read you should be 1-2 hours of deep sleep a night. Unfortunately I got the Garmin for Christmas and Covid very soon after so I don’t know if Covid is impacting my deep sleep or I just have a measure now.

Just don’t feel like I have the energy I had back in December.

Yep had it thanksgiving… took 3 months before I could tolerate extra exertion beyond work.

That sucks. I had a pretty mild case by most standards. I have an office job, currently working from home so I can get that done and maybe a medium intensity weight training session. That’s about it.

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I’ve also known people who had trouble exerting themselves some weeks after the jab. Their doctor said it was normal and just their body building up antibodies.

It seems common, I think some athletes have talked about the fatigue. I know that doesn’t make it easier.

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You could try 1.5 mgs of thymosin alpha-1 twice per week. Good thinking getting vaccinated after contracting it naturally.