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COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

There is little question now that the CV19 injections don’t stop the disease from occurring, don’t stop transmission and are indeed causing heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolus and a host of significant symptomatic "side effects all of which worsen health. Most deaths in the hospitalized patients are in the “fully vaccinated.” Here is summary the top 25+ symptoms begin reported amongst the jabbed and why they frequently go unreported:

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The archons also lead armies in the card game “KeyForge”. They don’t really interact, just let their minions do the work. Sounds like shadow governments to me….

“Bird gets stuck in midair” is my favorite.

The folks who believe birds are all fake must have never been to a zoo or pet store.

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Dude you’re really making me want to watch these videos, but there’s so many. Do you know if he’s got any on Chupacabra or Jackalopes?

Known to rarely induce myocarditis, of which the brunt of cases are very mild. Look at TGA data, out of 2000+ cases of myocarditis (probability is around 1/30,000 for developing) we have seen around 8 deaths… Covid, influenza also sometimes causes transient (or overt) myocarditis.

Out of over 20 million dosages given… I’m inclined to say the guy probably died from his AAS use… Or due to an arrhythmia.

People with WPWS are also known to die suddenly, seemingly out of the blue. Condition entails extra electrical pathway within the heart that can trigger arrhythmia.

Anabolic steroids have sympathomimetic effects, the combination… Or WPWS alone probably killed the guy

So are you in agreement or disagreement over the safety profile associated with mRNA vaccines?

This was actually the reason I opted for adenovirus vectored vaccines. TTS is quickly identifiable and easily treatable. Myocarditis (If it progresses to entail heart failure) is considerably more difficult to treat.

I don’t think mRNA vaccines are particularly dangerous, however I do think it was stupid to promote them as the holy grail over Johnson and Johnson/AZ when it was obvious (starting from like six months ago) that myocarditis was a concern.

Had the world not thrown a tantrum over AZ/J&J we’d have vaccinated far quicker (at least in Aus).

The mRNA vs adenovirus vectored vaccines likely carry an equitable degree of risk associated with both … However that baseline is absolutely miniscule…

Wait… I got it… It’s a joke account. Read the guys username backwards… That can’t be a coincidence.

Read the doctors name in that tweet very carefully. From both left and right.

I’ve gotten my booster dose (Pfizer after two AZs) last week and my children are also vaccinated because I am not raising idiots.


Look above, I edited my post because I figured it out :joy:


soo does that mean you think all unvaccinated kids are idiots? Just trying to see how far into the political social grooming scene you’ve fallen.

I do not care if you are, or are not vaccinated - and the same goes for your kids. I’m just interested to know if you’re one of the people trying to separate us as a nation, or one of the people that is cool with other’s living their lives as they see/believe fit.

Their parents are.

I mean you can ignore the rest of the text too, that’s fine.

Caste system, here we come!

I could write a lengthy explanation how using the term “division” implies false equivalency between an overwhelming scientific consensus and Facebook memes but it’s not worth the effort.

There are already many ways where you can legally and/or socially be ostracized for being an idiot so I have no problem adding “unvaccinated” to my personal list.

The so-called arguments are tiresome, uniform, repeated word-for-word and most importantly easily debunkable (VAERS deaths, “did you watch Brett Weinstein and dr. Kory on JRE”, “FLCCC protocol”, “but Ivermeta studies”, “look at Japan”, “look at Gibraltar”, Vitamin D, “the vaxxed are dying at the twice the rate of the unvaxxed”, myocarditis…) that frankly it’s a waste of my time to debate something with people who are intellectually so lazy that they’re content with believing in equal parts dumb and hubristic that Youtube videos and Memes are the distillation of the last 200 years of medical knowledge.

Oh yes, and the math on anti vaxx memes and papers (including Ivermectin) does not add up.


I haven’t spewed any of the unfounded nonsense that you’ve mentioned. The problems I have with everything going on (which lines up with many others’ peoples concerns) is mostly the complete one-sidedness of everything that is being reported. It is taught rigorously throughout persuasive writing classes that it is necessary to address counter-arguments and most of the counter-arguments are outright dismissed. There are tons of complete nonsense arguments that i can agree are mostly pointless to address, but there are some that truly are worth debating. Essentially, if the argument has been poised via Alex Jones, or the likes of him, it is probable bullshit.

The legitimate concerns are the constantly closing walls around those who chose to be unvaccinated. They shouldn’t be treated as lesser beings, but the social programming and legislation of late has been demonizing them. It sets a really bad precedent that i fear many people who agree with, don’t realize what it implies for future legislation… IF trump were still in office and ordering these mandates, I think a great many people on the liberal side of the spectrum would suddenly be the “unvaccinated” deplorables.

Things are so political these days that you cant even create a vaccine with a fairly safe track record and tell people it’s good. You have to force them to take it, or lose their jobs. That, in itself, is bad for both the enforcer and the people resisting. Blame here lies not on one party, but both. And mainly the mainstream media companies for spinning a narrative on everything they report.

I respect your right to get vaccinated and vaccinate your children, I respect the right to not get vaccinated just as much, sincerely. If we could all get on board with that, i honestly believe we would have a higher vaccination rate.

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Not you personally.

You don’t “debate” vaccine effectiveness using writing class arguments. That’s why you have RCTs and clinical studies. Otherwise it’s just a high school debate club.

If you dumb it down to meme of fake graph level, you get a false equivalency between science and malicious idiocy.

You should read up on the history of pandemics in the US and elsewhere, to see how the “walls are closing in” is a very recent and snowflake-ish argument.


care to provide a more specific example than the entirety of US pandemics?

I don’t know. I can’t go down this rabbit hole.

Read the following Covid19 injection risk-benefit article and explain to us how parents who don’t vaccinate their kids are “idiots?”