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COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

I never claimed they were a cure, this isn’t the first time you’ve put words in my mouth

They’re better than nothing, but they’re not perfect.

More effective than the flu shot though…

I don’t want to argue… Agree to disagree…

I could argue, but it’s a waste of our time. I’m not going to change your POV, you won’t change mine.

I’d be happy to have a civil discourse, but not a spat that involves you talking down to me and vice versa. The latter represents an unproductive waste of time, the former can be legitimately engaging.

I will try my best.

First it was vaccines will solve Covid.
Then it was vaccines do not provide lasting immunity.
Now it is going to vaccines do provide lasting protection against hospitalization.
Lastly it will be vaccines do not provide lasting protection against death.

Now it is becomming a booster shot. Soon it will become 4th booster shot. Then we will get a new variant. And booster shots will be required 3 times per year. Then 4 times per year. Then every month. Then after every meal?

I am sure by the end of the winter we will solve the issue with hospitalization rates. But I hope you see how the narative changes. I am not able anymore to find raw numbers of covid cases by vaccination status. It is all rates now and conclusions that unvaccinated people are 4 times more likely to get covid. Okay. But show me the numbers. We do not even argue about wanning immunity. It is accepted and they do not show the numbers anymore, they speak rates.

So waiting for the next step. Hospitalizations.

Correction: That’s “eleventy-bazillion times more likely…”

I believe it will be like the flu, wherein a shot will be required every winter/autumn. However with the advent of Pfizer’s new antiviral pill, if the preliminary data is to be believed I can see vaccine mandates being phased out entirely… I don’t like the mandates. Freedom is very easy to give up, but very hard to get back. I like what the Netherlands/Israel has done with the 3G system. Get vaccinated, recover from covid or show a negative test.

From the data I’ve seen, I don’t think unvaccinated people are 4x more likely to get covid, the number is closer 2x more likely

I’ll cover the rest of my response tomorrow, it’s 2am here! I gotta get to sleep. Looking forward to having this conversation with you :blush:

I imagine reality consists of a middle ground. Somewhere in between the beliefs you and I harbour, thus it is constructive to hear those with different viewpoints out.

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You say these Covid vaccines are dangerous? Who would have tought? So now they are not only useless, but dangerous as well?

Curious and curiouser. 27 YEAR OLD BODYBUILDER KILLED BY “SUDDEN ILLNESS” (bitchute.com)

Must just be another random, meaningless steroid death. Don’t anyone dare suggest anything otherwise!!!

I find it incredible that an adult who has had many years to discover what is and isn’t a credible source continues to post stuff like this as evidence.

For anyone who’s curious, the guy whose channel this is on is Jim Crenshaw, and the video description of this exact link is this:

Source: Bootcamp. Maybe fentanyl would have been safer? Another one of those “sudden” deaths. “Sudden” or “Unexplained” = Vaccinated. More videos you may have missed but would like to see:
Artificial Life: Clones & Synthetics - Nicki Minaj, 250 fetuses found, Gene Chips, Organic Robotoids

Rectently Fully Vaccinated Priest Dies On Live Stream




More on the black eyed babies (Pandemic vaccinated babies)

When you find the person who vaccinated your child without your consent…


The occult, black magic, rituals, symbolism, MK Ultra, The Illuminati and more

Head of German Hospital Commits Suicide-’‘There’s no virus, it’s a Dictatorship, disguised.’’

The invasion of this world by Demonic Aliens

Vaccinated Doctors are Dying and Unvaccinated Doctors are Quitting or Being Fired

Declassified Documents Reveal Fallen Angels - The Government Knows Aliens Are Really Demons

Bird gets “stuck” in mid air. Glitch in the matrix?

Karma Alert - Doctor Who Said He Wanted To Punch Aniti Vaxers Dead From Covid Vaccine

The Satanic Music Industry EXPOSED - THE DEVIL’S CHOIR Satanic Propaganda In Modern Music


This man has a message for the politicians, cops and especially for the haters (hilarious)


There is a living creature inside the vaccine. It is immortal. The “Hydra Vulgaris” See description.

ARCHONS: THE FORCE BEHIND EVERY GOVERNMENT - This is who the "Deep State or “Shadow Government” is!

All from the guy who posted this video. My favorite is that second to last one: “there is a living creature inside the vaccine. It is immortal.”

You’re totally right - you’re posting bipartisan sources nonstop in here. A pox on the YouTube dictatorship!


Also, did you watch that 1 minute video?

It’s just…some tweets from the guy who died, who tweeted one thing about the vaccine, and then tweeted that he’d had multiple surgeries (6, I think it was) before 30 years old, then tweeted he was getting surgery to remove his WPW from his heart, which must refer to Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, which is a heart condition, and then he dies.

I mean, you could just google “Andrew Ariegwe” and the first link that would pop up would be his obituary.

“Andrew David Ariegwe, 27, passed away unexpectedly from a cardiac event on August 28, 2021, in his home in Plymouth, Minnesota.”

And according to the video description, the creator of that video feels as if “unexpectedly” is a hidden code word for a vaccinated death when a bodybuilder with a preexisting health condition and multiple surgeries dies from a cardiac event.

And you, presumably knowing all of this, triumphantly posted this link as evidence of the vaccine causing this guy’s death.

That is just so strange.

I wouldn’t know about Crenshaw who posted the video. I haven’t watched the other videos, and I bet you haven’t either. They do sound rather interesting though, so thanks for letting me know. There’s an awful lot so it might take a while to get through them. :wink:

“Unexpectedly”. Well you apparently don’t see the irony. A guy with a supposed congenital heart condition, taking steroids, coaching high school football, advocates for a vaccine, known to induce heart problems in otherwise healthy patients, It really wasn’t unexpected, was it.
I have no idea if the vaccine contributed it, but it seems he either wasn’t honest with his medical professionals, or was given some very bad advice by a blind Dr who couldn’t see that his patient was jacked on steroids.

Triumphant is your description, not mine. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll make sure you get the message if I ever die from covid, the vaccine, or steroids, so you can know what triumphant really feels like. I can almost feel the palpitations coming on and I don’t even have WPF… or do I? Second thought I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you…
ew, eee, ew, mamma I can see the light, its, its so beautiful.

This is a relative of Beyond Beyond. I’m sorry to say he was taken from us prematurely.
His dying wish was to let good ol Flappyboy know he was right all along. You can hold you triumphal parade any time you like buddy. :joy:

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BB’s relative here again. His other dying wish was to watch all these really cool videos. Sadly he didn’t get the chance. He was really beat up about it. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Oh! Hey, unfounded internet claim! I missed you.

I can imagine the tantrum I’d get if I asked you for sources that don’t include one minute bitchute videos of tweets, so I won’t bother.

Your thought process is fascinating, dude. Guy with a heart condition takes steroids, which are ACTUALLY known to

And he dies, after his 6th heart surgery, having taken a bunch of steroids.

I’ll just be the one to let you know - you sound absolutely crazy, haha. Furthermore, standing by THAT source, knowing the information that person is putting out, and knowing that the video you posted contains no information whatsoever, speaks to your character, in a big way.

Ew my character, that hurts…


Fuck dude, lighten up. I’m worried about your blood pressure. Why you so serious all da time? You keep taking the bait, everytime I throw something out, you bite.
I do like fishing, I’m a catch and release kind of guy.

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I thought the archons were fairly easy to defeat in XCOM2.

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There is little question now that the CV19 injections don’t stop the disease from occurring, don’t stop transmission and are indeed causing heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolus and a host of significant symptomatic "side effects all of which worsen health. Most deaths in the hospitalized patients are in the “fully vaccinated.” Here is summary the top 25+ symptoms begin reported amongst the jabbed and why they frequently go unreported:

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The archons also lead armies in the card game “KeyForge”. They don’t really interact, just let their minions do the work. Sounds like shadow governments to me….

“Bird gets stuck in midair” is my favorite.

The folks who believe birds are all fake must have never been to a zoo or pet store.