Covid-19 Infertility

Hello everyone.
In your thoughts is there a correlation beetwen covid-19 vaccines and infertility?
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I have no idea about the truth, but I have heard, it interferes with a woman’s period. Not sure how long it lasts.
Also there is a recent phenomena about increase in advanced stage foetuses dying from cardiac problems in utero.

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Effect of COVID-19 vaccination on menstrual periods in a retrospectively recruited cohort)

Association between menstrual cycle length and covid-19 vaccination: global, retrospective cohort study of prospectively collected data | BMJ Medicine

Not really true. There was a myth, and in response clinical trials were conducted to refute this. Any effect covid (or flu, for a while some were saying the flu shot did this too) vaccination may have on one’s menstural cycle is vanishingly small and is likely related to the immunological process induced through vaccination

The potential for myocarditis, or TTS etc occurring is a different basket of eggs. The risk of myocarditis appears to be roughly 50 per million or so with pfizer + moderna (moderna being more likely). Of those cases, the majority resolve on their own… but some people die or have lingering issues.

If you or someone you know has lingering issues… there’s a chance you may be entitled to compensation in Aus @Beyond_Beyond

Getting the delta strain of covid made me 10000x sicker than any of the vaccines did, it was on par with/slightly worse than influenza for me (the real flu). Getting omicron after having taken four shots was like a mild cold.

Covid vaccines hardly reduce transmission. But if you are one of the “at risk” demographics they substantially lower your chances of requiring hospitalisation. If you aren’t “at risk”… you aren’t really at risk of serious illness then are you?

It’s seems like a roll of the dice though. Back when delta was going around I knew someone who was otherwise fit and healthy yet unexpectedly fell seriously ill. Others who don’t seem healthy at all seem to fare fine… luck of the draw.

My mom never caught it while my father was short of breath and tired for a while (they live together).

I wouldn’t worry about it in correlation to this variable.

Male fertility rates have been declining for some time now though. If you think you are infertile/lack fertility, get checked.

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Good to know.
Here’s a vid which discusses some disturbing reactions indirectly from the vaxx(shedding).
Young girls apparently developing periods or some sort of vaginal clot, just from being around vaccinated people.
COVID Vaccine causing two year olds to menstruate. YES, of course they knew this would happen (

Official Govt line is always the vaccine is safe and fully tested.

I don’t think anyone actually knows how this is going to play out. I hope for the best but I don’t have any confidence in a product that was rushed out in a panic, without the usual thorough testing.

I watched the first 30 seconds of that video. On a site that had no less than three ads selling a miracle drug that doctors don’t want me to know about, I have a tough time thinking their information is any better than what I’d receive elsewhere.

But really? The vaccine is just making 2 year olds start menstruating by being near vaccinated people? It has that much power?

The site and whatever dumb ads it chooses to have is irrelevant to what the clip is about. Unlike YT it doesn’t editorialize. YT won’t let any alternative views on Covid/Vaxx be published on their website. I find that a lot more disturbing.
I’m not asking you to believe it or not, just that there are views that you may not have heard about.
The fact you have an opinion about the information contained in the video yet can’t even be bothered to watch more than 30 secs is a reflection on you.

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Did you verify the information in the video?

Yeah, I ran it by Snopes, Lol.

I don’t know if you watched the video either? If you didn’t the guy making the claims is a doctor, he says the data comes from the government/ and or research trials.

I’m not saying he’s right or wrong. He’s a whistleblower, the kind of guy that Youtube and every other mainstream platform won’t even give him the time of day, let alone have him express an opinion on their sites.
What I do know is that I haven’t heard any so called official say he’s wrong or why he’s wrong.

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I stopped because the guy SAID that this was the case. I didn’t see him show the slide that supposedly contained this information.

Yeah. He says…

I hate arguing about this stuff because it stresses me out, but I will admit it messed up my period after one STUPID dose (I panic got it because my gym wouldn’t allow me in anymore without it). It lasted one cycle for me. But I was bleeding for an entire month and it was hell enough that I never even considered having the second shot.
Got me a home gym instead :).


This is the first video that pops up when I search for related stuff on YT.

It’s been up for 8 months.

I have very little desire to prove whether the vacinne is necessary/healthy or not. I just have yet to see anybody actually have any proof when they say it’s bad. They just “make claims” that it is really harmful, which is what they’d get mad at the “gubment” for doing.

Viral shedding is a byproduct of having covid

Not having a vaccine

From a pharmacological perspective, “viral shedding” from a covid vaccine is impossible.

Viral shedding =/= when someone spreads covid by sneezing, coughing etc.

You can’t “shed” the vaccine… and being around other people while you are vaccinated doesn’t make them vaccinated

Here’s the deal. Case reports are published all over the place (and I’m not talking about VAERS which the majority of non medical professionals misinterpret). Find me case reports of vaccine shedding

Where someone who has never had covid or taken a shot suddenly has measurable antibodies because they were around vaccinated people.

I hope you are right, and this guy is later proven to be wrong, or at least any negative effects are only temporary. I’m just saying we won’t really know either way for several years.

This just trust me approach by the government, whilst absolving the pharma CO from any legal responsibilities, just doesn’t cut it.

I will check out your video a little later when I get the chance a bit busy at the moment.

My wife and several of her friends have had missing/erratic periods since contracting covid.

Theirs were/are ranging anywhere from how you described to missing it for several months to getting 2 in the same month, etc.

They’re all mid 40’s and had been regular as clockwork up until this.

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Me & my neighbor tested the magnetic properties of the vaccine after seeing some videos of people sticking magnets to their injection site.

It didn’t work. I was shattered. So I picked myself up and moved on to the next conspiracy theory, vowing to never again question the wisdom of SGOYT. (Some guy on youtube.)

Disillusionment hurts. Avoid at all costs.

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At least there’s no censorship on bitchute… there’s a lot of bullshit on bitchute, and it isn’t my preferred source

However youtube has also gone nuts with demonetisation/censorship campaigns, forcing many content creators into a corner when they wish to cover current events.

The middle ground is seemingly nowhere to be found.


As I’ve said

You may be entitled to compensation here if you or someone you know has experienced a SAE

I googled him and he’s a chiropractor not a medical doctor.

Not sure how he’s a whistleblower, non of what he’s saying is secret. He’s making it seem like this information is hidden while at the same time saying it’s right there on the CDC website.

Here’s his website that has MyPillow ads on the home page so I’m sure he’s not biased and he definitely is not someone you should take medical advice from.

I’ve seen this so many times where a non medical doctor is interviewed to discredit something medical.

No medicine is 100% safe and that includes the vaccine. There is probably enough data on the vaccine at this point to know all the risks involved. So just a matter of weighing the benefits vs the risks.

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