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Covert to Protestant Christianity Beaten for Drinking Alcohol


An Australian convert to the Baptist Christianity* was pinned down and lashed 40 times for drinking alcohol by a group of Christian** men who broke into his home to punish him for breaking New Covenent*** law, a court heard Tuesday.

The man, 31, was allegedly restrained and whipped with a cord in his Sydney house Sunday morning by four men who forced their way in after he went out for drinks with friends.

One of the four, Tolga Cifci, 20, appeared in court on charges of aggravated breaking and entering and committing a serious indictable offence.

Prosecutor George Lolis said Cifci saw the man's drinking as "something against Christianity****" and justified his actions with a "particularised usage of religious law."

"He showed complete and utter disregard for the laws of this particular state," Lolis said.

Cifci was bailed on condition he not leave home without his parents, obey a night-time curfew, surrender his passport and steer clear of the alleged victim. He will return to court in September.

A second man, 43, was due to face court Wednesday over the incident, charged with aggravated breaking and entering, detaining a person in company with intent to obtain an advantage and two counts of stealing.

The above-noted terms were changed to avoid offending the politically correct who do not want to confront reality:

  • "Islam"

** "Muslim

*** "Sharia"

**** "Islam"



well done


Pretty good man and point well taken.




Hahah! Awesome. I was scratching my head the entire article until the end.


Serious...I don't get it. How can something that supposedly came from the same tradition as Judaism and Catholicism disallow drinking? I mean we both get down with red wine*.

*I prefer whiskey. Though it is much harder to have a seven day party with just whiskey.


Yes. whiskey for me and my men and beer for our horses.


mmmmmm Whisky!


What is this, a Catholic thing?


Maybe I'm not meant to be Catholic, after all. I'll take my Malibu rum any day.


Reminds me of a joke.

A Rabbi and a Priest were in an amazing car wreck -- both vehicles rolled, totaled, smashed.

Both men got out of there respective cars completely unscathed -- not a scratch on them. "It's a miracle!" exclaimed the priest.

"It is indeed! HaShem has watched over us!" replied the rabbi. "In fact, the bottle of 20 year old Scotch I was carrying home was not harmed, either. Perhaps you want a celebratory drink?"

"I think so," said the priest, who uncorked the bottle and took a celbratory swig straight from the bottle. "Here, have some," said the priest joyfully.

"No thanks," answered the rabbi. "I'll wait until after the highway patrol have taken our statements."



Maulbu rum? Ah, the jokes write themselves.


Haven't heard of Zima, I'll have to check it out :wink:


Damnit, JB, you so beat me to it.


Damn, it's a good thing I changed my mind at the last minute...I almost said Limoncello.


Lol, all I can think of right now is Buddy Cole.


Lol, can't see on my iPad if you posted a video, but just found "Kids in the Hall" on YouTube.



Promise I'll stop hijacking after this:

Get the web browser "Skyfire." You can view flash videos on the iPad. It's not exactly the same as just using a regular computer, but it's better than nothing, nothing being only slightly worse than Safari.


Yeah Malibu rum is against my religion.