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Cover Your Junk!


Ok, so I joined a new gym recently that is located in the city which I'll be moving to a in couple of months. So for the past year and a half, I've been working out in a small town gym that's not too bad. I rarely see much of the stuff that goes on in the squat rack curls thread.

New gym. OMG. I've seen a few breeds of naked guys that insist on walking all around the locker room without a towel. The old guys, the old fat guys, the fat fuys, the fit guys, the guys that shave naked, which can include all of the above. I thought I'd seen it all.

Enter what I'll call the "Strutter". I had just taken my shower, and I see this guy make his way into the locker room. Now, there's a long hallway in the locker room that leads to the pool/sauna/spa area. I has seen this dude when I was in the spa, he only went into the sauna. he's a real light bulb, you can tell his upper body is somewhat built, but he never works his legs. As soon as he GETS to where the hallway comes into the locker room, he TAKES OFF HIS FRIGGIN SWIMSUIT. I'm like, WTF? He actually walks around all proud of himself, and it's not like he's in a hurry. I would even go so far as to say he was loitering to make sure that everyone gets a good look at his junk.

That's not all. This guy is a jerk too, because he goes into the steam room naked(rules say towel or swimsuit). After a little while in the steam room, he goes and takes a shower, of course not bringing a towel with him, he walks naked and dripping wet over to the lockers/changing area before grabbing a towel.

I made the comment to my brother, who was visiting the gym that day: "What is it about guys that just want to show everyone their junk?" And I said that as the guy was approaching his locker, which happened to be near my locker. I thought, GOOD I hope he heard me and realizes what a weirdo perv he is.

So I have just one thing to say to ALL the guys that have their junk on display: We don't want to see it! Cover you junk.


How about saying it to the front desk you said he did break some rule right? Theres your justification.


I walk in the locker room and keep my head down sometimes. Some things I just don't want to see.


Yeah, I should have. If I see anyone doing that again, I'm reporting it. Not that it would probably do any good.


Nothing wrong with a little embellishment to save your eyesight.


This is the first time you've run into a gay guy in a gym locker room? You've led a sheltered life.


I told you this crazy shit exists. Even at the little gym I'm at, there are those types that must be naked for everyone to see. And these are the same ones that should not be seen naked.


I agree with what you guys are saying, BUT:

You gotta realize, we're all guys, and all have the same parts. I know you're not gay, and you know I'm not gay, so I won't look at you and you won't look at me. If you are gay, good for you, just don't look at me, thanks very much. We've all got the same parts and I don't need to see yours just as much as you don't need to see mine.

I realized this when in highschool we wouldn't take showers after rugby/football practice / PE class, etc. and if we had to (like if it was raining and we got muddy as shit) it was in underwear/shorts.


I go dressed to workout and leave to avoid the notorious guy at our gym who spends apparently most of the day standing around naked in the locker room blow drying his sack! (i wish i was joking)


Tell me about it! Last week one of these guys must have forgotten his bar of soap. So he gets wet and then walks over to the sinks, where he proceeds to use the HAND SOAP to rub himself up.

And this is some fifty-year-old office worker who's going straight home after the gym. Go shower at home!


I see people like this as well. If they spend more time in the locker room than they do in the gym, what are they doing?


I don't know, and I don't want to know.


It's because of people like these that I usually just come to the gym ready to workout and shower and change at home. But I guess if I was coming straight from work, using the locker room is a necessary evil.


I take it this is NOT a co-ed steam room? Not that it matters, but where I go, it's all co-ed, and I can't imagine anyone being nekkid in there. They'd be arrested.

\|/ 3Toes


I think I'll be asking if I can switch my locker to the female changing room :slight_smile:


Cruising. Was that a rhetorical question, or is every one here really that naive?


Such a universal theme...nekkid weirdos in the locker rooms, likely trying to pick up on the same gender. They riddle gym locker rooms all across america. And it's not exclusive to male locker rooms, there a women like this in the female locker rooms as well, equally strutting around, equally strange. The only reason I utilize the locker room is if I have the urge to pee during training. Otherwise, I bring nothing into the gym that needs to go into a locker, and my hygeine needs are met at home.


It was rhetorical with a touch of "WTF?". I feel strange when I walk into a locker room after training and the SAME guy who was in there when I first got to the gym is still there and still "getting dressed". I don't experience it that much where I live now, but it was bad enough at my previous gym that I just began avoiding the locker room altogether. I would never shower there unless it was an emergency situation. I don't think I ever saw some of those dudes work out. I just don't understand the mentality. If I had the opportunity to change in the women's dressing room, I wouldn't set up shop next to the toilet for over an hour. I would expect someone to call the cops if I did.


I was going to mention the sack dryer. Although the iteration I usually see is the 70 year old guy who puts his foot up on the counter and proceeds to dry his sack and crack till they're dryer than the sahara.

I was horified by some of this stuff when I was younger, but eventually you learn to tune it out. It is kinda funny though.


What about seasaw towel man ? He stick's one leg up on the bench and pulls the towl back and forth from his ass to his junk in a back and forth motion for about 1 minute.