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Cover Up the Taste of Magnum Blow?


Ive taken 2 hits on this stuff, but man! it just tastes awful, i can tuff it out but it seems to taste alot worse then it should, any tips on takeing it?

Edit: sorry I should have been more specific it is a supplement, not an energy drink or drug...lol


What do you mean?


I think it's a trumped up creatine product.

I want to rant on the dumbass name, but I'll just tell the OP to get some micronized monohydrate.


100 dollar bill


Cook it up and make crack, it's much smoother.


It's not even a creatine product. It's just a generic "energy drink" mix...Kola Nut, caffeine, Inositol, B-Vitamins...pretty damn unimaginative and an awful way to spend ones money. A very inferior good, considering your options.

The producers have just jumped on the "Cocaine" Energy Drink bandwagon and sold their product by comparing it to real stimulants (as if.) In their defense, though, I do like their web page.



Oh. Weird.

Not the stuff I was thinking of... I seem to remember seeing an actual supplement called Blow. I could be wrong, though.


Get a new dealer.


Why do you keep asking about crap-products made by a competitor's brand, on the Biotest board? Your A-bomb post got deleted, I presume, and most likely this one will too. Stop using crap products.


Sounds like the supplement and energy drink business is the business to get into. Seems like regardless of if your product is good or crap that people will spend their money on it. I'm shocked at how many people get suckered by marketing. I've gotten to where I don't even look at the bodybuilding rags any more on the newstands because they're all just stupid supplement ads being marketed by roided up (not that there's anything wrong with that) spokespeople.

It'd be great if everyone (including myself) could understand that you have to WORK to get results. No special creatine or ultra-HOODIA loaded fat burner supplement is gonna make you ripped and rugged. Stop wasting your money on this trash people.

Take a step back and think about these questions. How long have I been buying these type supplements? Have I seen an measureable difference in my physique? Does it make sense for me to continue spending large amounts of money on this stuff?

Wise up!


All blow gives the drip.