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Couture's Circuit Training


Hmmm... joke or not?


on this page about halfway down we have randy "the natural" couture demonstrating his circuit training. what do you guys think? is this a joke or what? you can't possibly become a better more balanced fighter by simply doing this three or four times right? i know his training consists of more than this but wow...


And you know how to train?


This wouldn't be the right approach to a younger guy trying to build a foundation, but the man has been wrestling or fighting for 40 years and lifting for 30. he wins fights on conditioning and heart.


Uhmmm actually its what we did at the Olympic training center.
that is where he learned it, and where I learned it too.

Strength training - is third to skill work , and conditioning and not to impair recovery.
why do I keep having to type this.

Javorek Complexs. Great for conditioning fat burning, and you can read about them here, via Dan John,
Alwyn Cosgrove, and even Waterbury.

or just go to the source. www.istvanjavorek.com

puke buckets mandatory while doing them.

that particular complex is part of what Team Quest put out as a S&C regimen,
it also had cycles of heavy power cleans and repetitious power cleans.
Pull ups etc. and again most of that style of training came straight out of
colorado's OTC.. no surprise as the Bulk of Team Quest was there.



How can you not just bow down to KMC and ask for blessings of knowledge? HOW?


Or kick kmc in the balls.



You couldn't, no. But Randy Couture could.


I agree. Seriously, we need more like KMC on these forums.


I know Randy trains with Jake Boncacci now so he's been doing different things since his Gonzaga fight. Hey KM do you have any mire info in the training at the OTC.


I posted plenty about what I did at OTC.. here is the nutshell

I had a shit record in college- but had excellent take downs and good greco.
paid once to go to a clinic there for 4 days

went again in 91 to train with the guys going to 92- again shit record was onorthodox enough to get noticed.

Nevr won anything big a tournament or two but took down or roughed up or embarrassed enough people to get a slot to get beat up as basically a few guys I wrestled and had taken down where there,their coaches new me.

my coach was very very heavy into greco He did worlds was an NCAA champ blah blahblah
He Got a Letter from Dan Chandler- who saw me at a tournament he was like a Jr coach.

I tried to spend as much time in the wrestling room as possible and really only know what people my weight 130-140 did in the weight room not every one or bigger guys.

we did 2 or 3 sessions a day

run distance, or hills , sprints in the am
sprints forwards backwards, jumps, shuttle runs , agility ladders etc.
usually til someone puked. I did plenty.
I cried too.

a big after noon wrestling practice that also included running & calisthenics
pull ups and ropes but mostly wrestling

weights or track work 2x a week in the pm or another wrestling class/training

we did sprints hills hurdles box jumps and lots and lots of and lots of broad jumps

in the weight room we did this is little guys, not big dudes I dont know what they did.

power cleans Power cleans
power cleans
front squat
power cleans
snatch both with barbell and db
pullups all day
power curls
rope climbing
power cleans
power cleans

some snatch pulls and snatch deadlifts
barbel complexes
med ball junk
and lots of unilateral leg work like BSS

this is the first time I saw lots of stuff that I never saw before and forgot plenty.
Bar Bell complexes
ice baths
and rubber bands for sprinting , driving, or shooting

the S&C dude who we called the trainer was eastern block and had fucking square balls.
he said do it.
you did it.
he also taped your shit, your knees ears etc.
He worked for Javorek.

we had sessions like dan john writes about
sprint power clean or front squat sprint repeat
or stuff you can find on the web body weight squat or clean for reps in the 30's 40's 50's or more.
same with pull ups.

this is 91 so some people you know where there
I was just another piece of meat- there to get beat up.



Thanks out of curiosity what were the upper body exercises used, were bench presses or jerks ever used.


Dude, didn't you see his abs?


Seriously KMC thanks for all the help man!


You? Yes.

I think you shut the fuck up when dismissing training topics you don't know a flying fuck about.

1) Why not? What exactly in your extensive combat sports training background (or just on sports training in general) make you doubt what a man with the following credentials tell you:

  • Former Olympic alternate,
  • former greco-roman and collegiate wrestler,
  • former UFC champion in TWO weight divisions,
  • oldest title holder of all time,
  • former wrestling and strength/conditioning coach of Oregon State university
  • co-founder of Team Quest MMA camp
  • founder of Xtreme Couture MMA camp
  • Greco-roman Gold medalist at the 1991 Pan Am Games.

2) How do you that, as you said verbatin, "doing this three of four times"? Did he ever said that was the only training? I'll let you digest given that in the opening part of that clip he specifically explains, in very clear terms, what that routine is for.

If you know that his training consists of more than that, then what is the "wow" factor for you?

It's not fucking partial differential equations. Jumping rope does not make you a better boxer by itself. But you would most certainly never become one without it.

You simply watched the video, expecting something out of this world, and when you saw that it was a simple thing (why tards expect otherwise?), in your infinite ignorance and arrogance, you decided to treat is as a joke.

To be honest, it would be perfectly normal for a person not to understand the particulars of the video. But here is where you fucked up.

Instead of asking "Hy guys, could you please explain to me how this works. It looks pretty simple and I don't understand its context. How can this simple thing help a combat sports athlete?"...

... you went "My momma always said 'don't understand it? treat and disrespect it like a joke, stupid is as stupid does, you know." Ergo, the verbal reaming.


In the context of his original question, abs means less than a rat's ass. If we were talking about training for aesthetics, fat loss or competitive body building, then talking about his abs would matter... and just a bit.

But we are talking about a specific set of exercises within the training regime of a world-class athlete and one of the most successful MMA fighters, who, according to Mr. Abs here, it got to be a joke. His abs tells him to!!!!


Blaze was making a joke man. Calm down.


Irish got to love the noob on noon fights.

Drew h to anwer your question...

we did no benching- Ive talked about this before, that Idont really think grapplers should really bench.
Its like a post to itself but here are my reasons

I cant deny its a great strength builder its benifits for most are obvious.
For me this is why I dont like bench for grappling athletes,

all of this can be said about any kind of movement but I think with bench
the risks outweigh the benifts,
It seems to always impact shoulder flexibility
is redundant to the ammount of pushups etc that most wrestlers are doing already
has little carry over- vs other movements- that being said I dont think you should
try to mimic athletic ativites directly with weights.
personally takes me longer to recover from then other kinds of training.

with out making this that kind of thread , thats how I feel about bench- if you have to do it
try to do with your hands neutral- either with a football bar or DB's or worst case a machine.

We did do jerks- both from the clean and from behind the neck,
we also did hundreds of pushups, and plenty of hand stand pushups.

I dont know what the bigger guys did I was with all the 150 and down types.
But I will tell you that we didnt have any benches. Im sure they were there
but really we used squat stands, shit to jump on and places to do pull ups.



seriously calm down it was just a question. i know he is well conditioned so i was simply asking the question because he didnt even seem to be phased by that whole circuit. and yes, i do know how to train but i have never seen that method before. if anybody reading this topic lives in jersey, i train with rich raciti for the record.


There is a right way and a wrong way to ask a question buddy (read last two paragraphs in my first post and ruminate on that). Having said, I admit I disproportionally fly off the handle way too much when I read questions like that over the interweebz.


Come on dude...that was a demo for Fizogen supplements. Just advertisement,son. You try some complexes(an entire "circuit") for yourself.....you will regret it if you do it right.