Couture Vera 105


Randy via decision. Brandon looked alright in his win at 102, and Randy did well vs. Nog, it’s just that Nog looked revitalized.

I read that the fight is at 205, and also read that if Randy wins, he gets the next shot for the title. Maybe that’s why he took the fight and is dropping to 205 (he was always a small HW anyways).

Just thought of it: With Randy at LHW, that division is stacked (Lyoto, Randy, Rampage, Rashad, Vera, Griffin, Shogun, Jon Jones, Thiago Silva, Anderson [if he stays at 205], Tito, Jardine, etc).

How in gods name does Randy deserve the next title shot? He got TKOed by Brock, and got dominated by Nog (congrats on not getting stopped though). Brandon Vera also does not deserve a title shot, his only notable win at LHW is against Soszynski, and beating Soszynski is in no way is indicative of a title contender. He didn’t even look super impressive in his win over him. I can think of 6 or 7 guys easily ahead of both of them.

Looking at the LHWs who else gets a title shot, If Machinda wins over Rua , then the logical next in line is the winner of Jackson VS evans but that fight has been pushed back and if Rampage wins then he wont be around because he is joining the A-Team. The only real options are Randy, A Silva (wont do it), or Franklin ( if he beats belfort

I say Randy.

I keep waiting to see the old Vera but I may have to acept he’s gone or at least still trying to evolve his fighting style. The old Vera wouldn’t be afraid to clinch up with Randy because his elbows and knees would come staright for blood. But if that snap isn’t there in his striking, Randy is going to maul him.

On the upside for Brandon, if he can pull the upset he jumps right into the title picture himself. I actually like both fighters, so good luck to Vera, but Randy’s my pick.

Vera tends to look really fucking good against subpar competition, but I don’t think I’ve seen him take chances, and use that devastating striking against anyone decent. The Krystoff and Jardine fights are good examples. Put him in there against a guy who can survive the standup war and he gets tentative.
I’m picking Randy here, but if Vera can open up and use some of the killer instinct he’s shown, it could very well end via knockout.

Randy If his Chin and speed aren’t to bad. I’m also looking forward to Kim vs Hardy. I think Kim is the real deal he showed some impressive Judo against Karo.

Interesting fight and a tough one to call.

The easy part…if it stays standing Vera, goes to the ground Randy.

Vera is going to be much quicker in the striking. He may have to go without kicks if he want to avoid being taken down.

Randy is going to have to get Vera to the ground and score some points there. At least two rounds. Vera has some greco cred. Not the same caliber as Randy but striking can even things out a bit in avoiding the takedown.

Split decision Couture.

Randy has to start to lose it at some point, however I think this is too close to call.

They must be trying to get those six fights in as fast as possible before he is simply too old to fight anymore. I’d rather see Vera(with a dominating win) get a title fight, or even Ortiz get a rematch before Randy.