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Couture Training For Lesnar (Vid)


This will be an interesting fight, i'm just going to leave it at that.


Brock does look like a beast, it has to be said.


Randy is really looking old now... kinda scarey.


The old dog has a lot of fight still left in him, don't underestimate him.


Sucks he couldn't find a big guy closer to Brock's speed as well, instead of that guy. Gotta go with what you got, though.


That he does... but I just don't think he brings enough to the table for Brock. Tim Sylvia was one thing... but Brock Lesnar really looks promising. He has that raw power that Tim Sylvia never had.. and he seems to learn faaaaast.


I have offered myself to them numerous times and I have not heard back from them at all!! I may not be Broc himslef but I do have a lot in common with him. I am probably stronger than he is and bigger!! But not as tall!!

I have had many people, including a friend of mine that worked for Couture at the gym tell me that I would be perfect for him to train with. Still no response!!!

Take a look at my web site and see if you think I could be of some help for his upcoming fight!! It is www.strengthathlete.com

I am not on some ego trip, just want to help if possible!!!



I've heard that Randy has some super stellar A1 level wrestlers he was training with to prepare him. That guy didn't seem like one of them.

If i was Randy I'd release this video just to fuck with people...


Never doubt the Natural!


He's also been training with Shane Carwin. He's actually pretty close to Brock's size and was a good college wrestler.

Remember,that clip is just a fraction of his training.


I really hope Randy wins just so that he can shove it in peoples faces that hes an old ass dude who could scrape any young kid just cause hes a beast.


Isn't this exactly what everyone - myself included - was saying before the Gonzaga fight? (with teh exception that Gabe wasnt 'learning' anything, he was all ready a black belt BJJer)


Basically. But Gonzaga never seemed as... bad ass.. as Brock.. lol:)


Bad ass? I see his overconfidence and lack of skills getting him hurt. Oh yeah, and he seems like the epitome of a douchebag Ex: fight with Herring.

Would be nice to see Randy bring in Josh Barnett to train for Lesnar.


Brock usually relies on power and his size...i did like this clip though...but i always liked training montages heh heh..


BTW i know its for the WWE.


I would never again count Randy out.
He's used to be the underdog in his last fights, but he always comes out the victor.

Ok Lesnar looked great against Herring. His first punch that almost took Heaths head off... scary.

This is just gonna be a hell of a fight, that we're all lookin forward to.


Can't fuckin' wait!


Anyone who kicks CroCop in the fucking head is pretty badass in my book.

The most badass thing Brock has ever done in MMA is hump Heath Herring for 3 rounds.


This is hilarious:


This is going to be a fun fight.